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PERFORM3 for DOS, OS/2, and Macitosh

The PERFORM3.EXE program will measure performance of any number of
workstations for record sizes of 1 to 65535. The output is placed in two
files, a .TXT file that can be read by any editor and a .OUT file that is
read by the PLOTOUT.EXE program. The input parameters for PERFORM3 are

>PERFORM3 <...configureable options...>
where options are:
default = 12 seconds
default = 1
default = 4096
default = (stop-start+1)/128

example: >PERFORM3 NE1000_DOS 12 1 4096 32

The can be any text up to 25 characters but cannot have
spaces within the string.

The PLOTOUT.EXE program will display on a graph the results of the
test. The input parameters for PLOTOUT are F>PLOTOUT