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Archive   : PDCLK145.ZIP
Filename : SETTIME.ASM

Output of file : SETTIME.ASM contained in archive : PDCLK145.ZIP

; Copyright (C) 1991 by [email protected], see file COPYING.

;* SetTime

SetTime proc near
push cs
push cs
pop ds
pop es
; convert from network byte
mov cx,cTime ; order
xchg ch,cl
mov bx,cTime+2
xchg bh,bl

mov dx,tzoffset+2 ; and apply time zone
xchg dh,dl
sub bx,dx
mov ax,tzoffset ; offset
xchg ah,al
sbb cx,ax

mov ax,AlterTime ; add alter-days
imul m6hour
shl ax,1
rcl dx,1
shl ax,1
rcl dx,1
add bx,ax
adc cx,dx

mov ax,AlterTime+2 ; add alter-time
mov dx,AlterTime+4
add bx,ax
adc cx,dx

mov si,AlgPtr
or si,si ; any daylight algorithm?
jnz DoDls
jmp SetNoDls
push bx
push cx
add si,4
lodsw ; from switching time
imul m1
sub bx,ax
sbb cx,dx

call DateTimeCalc ; dst start evaluation

cmp si,offset AlgTab.Apa0 ; four entry part?
jl SingleEntry

mov al,AlgEntryLen
mul cNonLeapYear
add si,ax
cmp si,offset AlgTab.Ais0 ; acyclic entry?
jb SingleEntry

cmp cYear,WARNYEAR
jb SingleEntry

mov MsgTermStop,' ' ; activate warning msg
mov bp,cDayOfYear
lodsw ; from switching weekday
cmp al,SAT
ja FromDate
dec bp
cmp ax,cWday
jg CurWeekF
add bp,7
sub bp,cWday
add bp,ax
pop cx
pop bx
push bx
push cx
lodsw ; from switching week

push ax
lodsw ; until switching time
imul m1
sub bx,ax
sbb cx,dx

call DateTimeCalc ; dst end evaluation

mov di,cDayOfYear
pop dx

lodsw ; until switching weekday
cmp al,SAT
ja UntilDate
dec di
cmp ax,cWday
jg CurWeekU
add di,7
sub di,cWday
add di,ax
lodsw ; until switching week
test cNonLeapYear,011b
jnz SetNotLeap
cmp ax,31+28
jbe SetChkLU
inc ax
cmp dx,31+28
jbe SetNotLeap
inc dx
pop cx
pop bx
cmp ax,dx ; north or south of equator?
jl SetSouth
cmp dx,bp ; to do or not to do dls?
jg SetNoDls
jmp short SetChkUntil
cmp dx,bp ; to do or not to do dls?
jle DoDLSaving
cmp di,ax
jge SetNoDls
or GenFlags,DSTNOW
lodsw ; dst advance time
mov DstAdvance,ax
imul m1
add bx,ax
adc cx,dx
call DateTimeCalc ; calculate date and time

test Flagword,DONT_SETTIME ; did we use alter argument?
jz SetPCtime

mov di,offset msgset
mov cx,12
mov al,' '
rep stosb ; clear "Clock set to"
jmp SkipTimeset
mov cx,cYear
mov dh,byte ptr cMonth
mov dl,byte ptr Cday
mov ah,2Bh ; set date
int 21h
or al,al
jz DateOK
mov al,5 ; error code 5
call terminate
mov ch,byte ptr cHour
mov cl,byte ptr cMinute
mov dh,byte ptr cSecond
mov dl,99
mov ah,2Dh ; set time
int 21h
or al,al
jz TimeOK
mov al,6 ; error code 6
call terminate
SkipTimeset: ; edit time display msg
mov al,byte ptr cWday
mul m6
add ax,offset Weekdays
mov si,ax
mov di,offset msgweek
mov cx,3
rep movsw ; copy weekday string

mov si,offset cYear
mov di,offset msgyear
mov ch,'-'
mov cl,3
call PutNums ; put date

mov di,offset msghour
mov ch,':'
mov cl,3
call PutNums ; put time

mov si,offset RespondingIpNr
mov di,offset msgts
call PutIpNum ; put time server IP #

mov dx,offset msgset
mov ah,9
int 21h ; display string

SetTime endp

;* DateTimeCalc

DateTimeCalc proc near
mov ax,bx
mov dx,cx
push si
push ax ; save seconds since
push dx ; year 1900

mov si,offset Ytab
mov cx,4*64
call SearchAndSub ; find and subtract years
add cx,1964
mov cYear,cx ; set year

push ax ; reminder still too big
push dx ; for 16 bits,
shr dx,1 ; have to
rcr ax,1 ; divide by 2
div m12hour
inc ax
mov cDayOfYear,ax ; set day within year

pop dx ; restore seconds within year
pop ax

and cl,011b ; extract leap year index
mov cNonLeapYear,cl
mov si,offset Motab
jnz NoLeapYear
mov si,offset Mltab
mov cx,4*16
call SearchAndSub ; find and subtract month
inc cx
mov cMonth,cx ; set month within year

shr dx,1 ; reminder still too big
rcr ax,1 ; for 16 bits, have to
rcr bx,1 ; divide by 2
div m12hour ; divide by 24hr/2
inc ax
mov cDay,ax ; set day within month

mov ax,dx
xor dx,dx
shl bx,1 ; recover lost bit
rcl ax,1 ; into reminder
rcl dx,1
div mhour ; divide by 3600
mov cHour,ax ; set hour within day

mov ax,dx
div m60b ; divide by 60
mov dl,ah
xor dh,dh
mov cSecond,dx ; set second within minute
xor ah,ah
mov cMinute,ax ; set minute within hour

pop dx ; restore seconds since
pop ax ; year 1900
shr dx,1 ; too big for 16 bits...
rcr ax,1
div m12hour ; calculate days since 1900
inc ax
xor dx,dx ; calculate weeks since 1900
div m7
mov cWday,dx ; set weekday
pop si
DateTimeCalc endp

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Archive   : PDCLK145.ZIP
Filename : SETTIME.ASM

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: