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The PC Magazine LAN benchmark program is used to provide
the network load conditions and to obtain timing results.
The TIMED test (T on the menu) is run on one workstation
and load conditions are imposed using this program running
on one or more workstations.

Menu options 1, 2, and 3 run LOAD 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
The first two create their own workfiles. LOAD 3 uses a
common set of files which are created using menu item B,
Build data base simulation files. Load workstations must
be started before the TIMED test.

The setup menu (S on the menu) allows test parameters to be
changed. Parameters can be saved in a file from this menu.
The parameters from this file are loaded when this program
is run.

The file and record sizes used by the TIMED test can be set
from the setup menu (S on the menu). This must be done
BEFORE the TIMED test is run.

File and record sizes can be specified while a trailing K
or M for kilobytes or megabytes resprectively. Record sizes
for the TIMED test can be specified to the byte level. The
tests are reported in the order specified and up to 8 record
sizes can be listed.

Temporary and data base files must be placed on a network
disk. This can be done by running this program from the
network or by specifying the appropriate drive letter in
the file name. The file names can be changed through the
setup menu. Path names can also be included. Temporary files
should end in XXXXX as in TMPXXXXX.

Test results are placed into two files. The text file is
suitable for printing or typeing while comma seperated variable
file can be read directly into most spreadsheet programs.
The files include additional items such as LAN name which can
be changed from the setup menu.

Options are saved in the file PCMAGLAN.ARG. This is a text
file which can be changed using most text editors. Each line
contains a single option and the order must be preserved.

See the README.TXT file on the PC Magazine LAN diskette for
more details on the tests and the effects of running the tests.

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