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PacWars is a Multi User game based around the Pac Man theme for
IBM compatibles with 286 processors or above and register compatible
VGA cards. Pacwars was written for Novell Netware ver 2.15.

For maximum enjoyment PacWars should really be played with two or more

We feel that pacwars still has great scope for growth and we would be
grateful for any suggestions for improving the game.


PacWars now allows you to edit characters, this function can be invoked
by typing


Here are a few instructions to help you along.

The initial screen shows you a list of Current pacmen. Choose the one you wish
to edit. Saving from this page will update the characters used in the game.

The second screen allows the selection of a frame for editing. Another
character can be loaded into this position or the current one saved to its
own character file (ie. .PAC files).

Once in the frame editor the F1 key brings up a help page. The basic rules
are :-
Don't change the size of the sprite

Leave a trailing border, this wipes out the sprite as it moves

ie. first col, first & last row for characters
first two cols for bullets
no border for death sequence

Once finished you will be taken back to the initial screen select save to
save your current list of pacmen.


We are currently working on other Multi user games at the moment

1. A multiuser Tank battle.

2. Pacwars - The Sequel, this is similar to the Ultimate
games of yester year but with all the addictive elements of
the original Pacwars.

A screen grab from Pacwars - The Sequel is included, just type

Development of these products may be hindered due to lack of a network, but
there are chances of us setting up a new network real soon.



Use the arrow keys to move the pacman in the direction of the arrow.


The space bar enables the pac man to fire one bullet at a time.
Each bullet costs 10 points so you will only be able to fire if you
have enough cash.


Pressing the I key during game play will turn your pacman invisible
for about 10 seconds, during which time you will be unable to shoot.
Invisibility will then not be available for another 20 seconds. However
if any other player has the Infra red spectacles and enables them then
they will be able to see you. If you have been killed recently then
invisibility will not be available for another 20 seconds.


At random times during gameplay gold bars will appear in one of the
rooms of the playing field. This gold will be worth varying amounts.
To collect the gold just run over it with your pac person. If any
Pac Person shoots the gold they will become 'WANTED' and a bounty
will be awarded to whoever kills the outlaw. The person who is an
outlaw is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
alongside the prize given for killing them.


When gold or any other special feature has appeared a flashing square
will appear on the layout map. This tells you which room the object
is in.

Special features

Throughout gameplay special objects will appear, some will help, others
will hinder.

Invisible Shot. Gives you the ability to fire while invisible,
great for catching pac people unawares. Beware of IR specs.

Glass of beer. Worth five hundred points, however you will become
drunk and will stagger while moving for a short period of time. If
shot everyone else in the room will become drunk.

Glue pot. Take this and you are stuck where you stand for a shortish
period of time... Pretty Nasty this. Again if shot everyone else in
the room will be stuck.

Bomb. Take this and all other pac people in the same room as you will
die. Shoot the bomb and everybody , including yourself, in that room
will die.

Infrared Spectacles. Gives you the ability to see invisible pac people
press 'V' to invoke and follow those heat traces.

Shield. Protects the wearer from bullets coming head-on. Press 'S' to
invoke then make sure you are facing the bullets. Run Away and your dead.

Grenade. 'G' pulls the pin then press SPACE to throw. When the grenade
comes to a stop it will explode killing EVERYONE in the room. An object of
mass destruction useful when the PEARL is about.

Warp. Each warp token gives you the ability to warp twice. To invoke
press 'W' and you will appear in a different place .

Bouncy Walls. Bullets bounce off the walls allowing you to kill the
unwary, as well as yourself.

Homing Missile. An excellent tool for revenge. Once you have picked
up the homing missile pressing the 't' key will place a missile
symbol next to person you wish to kill, the next time you press fire
the missile will begin to home in. Whilst the missile is in flight
you will be unable to fire any bullets. You will get two missiles
for this token.

Question Mark. This can be any of the special features except of
course the Pearl.

Pearl Pod. At certain times a pod containing a pearl, or perhaps a
question mark, will appear. We will let you figure out how to get the
contents of the pod yourself.

A note about PacBaby.

In the space between the last version of PacWars and this one, the
creator of this game became the proud father of a little girl. The
character PacBaby was added as a tribute to Iain's achievement
( and his wive's). You will notice there is no death sequence for
PacBaby, this was considered to be extreme bad taste (yes even for
us) so a congratulatory message is displayed instead.



100 for shooting another Pac Person.
5000 for collecting the Pearl.
500 for collecting the beer.
Random for collecting the gold.
Random for killing an outlaw Pac Person.


At the moment the path is set up as '.\' pacwars will look in the current
directory for the data files or use the following and put PACWARS.EXE in
the path.

PACWARS PACPATH (directory path)



this will initialise pacwars to look in the directory specified by
directory path for the sprite files and hiscore tables. Please remember
the slash at the end of the path.

To run pacwars change into the relevent directory and type


Further Developments to Pacwars that are currently underway are as follows

1. Faster network handling - not a big change.
Support for Netware 386 - due to our old company going down the
development of Pacwars has been slightly interrupted due to the
lack of a network.

2. Multiple mazes. Randomly chosen arenas.

3. More people on at the same time.

4. Team Playing

Obviously the above features will only be given to the people who register
Pacwars with us.


Anyone who sent cheques to Profitplan for registration of Pacwars,
after 6/11/90 should contact


and ask for your cheques to be returned as Profitplan can no longer
fulfill the terms of the registration.


If you find Pacwars enjoyable then please consider registering your version
with us. You will receive updates as and when they happen.

To Register Pacwars please send a cheque or postal order for œ10 ($25) to

Iain Syme,
John Syme & Co.
Henderson Street,
Bridge of Allan,

along with the order form at the bottom of this file.
Please make cheques or postal orders payable to Iain Syme.


1. You may make copies of the program and documentation, in their
original, unmodified form, without restriction. You may
distribute these copies without restriction.

2. If these copies are distributed outside of your organization, you
have no obligation to control the use of those copies which are
outside of your organization.

3. You may make copies of the program documentation, in both its
printed form and machine readable form, without restriction.

4. You may use all future versions of PacWars under this registration.

5. You may not modify the program or charge a fee for copying or
distributing the program or its documentation.

6. We are not responsible for any Consequences of the use of this
software, whether or not such use has been authorised. We cannot be
held responsible for lack of productivity on any network that installs
Pacwars, in fact we are not responsible for anything. The User assumes
the entire risk of running this software.


I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this license.

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