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Quick Note: Most commands will display their available parameters, if
you do a ? for the first parameter.
Sample: NRPTSCRP ? will display the optional parameters for
the utility named NRPTSCRP.

Essential files to READ or COPY to your printer !

README.TXT documentation of all NUTIL utilities (over 36 programs)
FILES.TXT this document
REGISTER.TXT Register sheet for registering these utilities

Files that may be in this package are:

Traffic related utilities:

NALLCARD.EXE poll statistics from all workstations and output to file
! NCARD.EXE display configuration/statistics of specified workstation
! NTRAFFIC.EXE display traffic stats on all/selected attached workstations

Lan Documentation related utilities:

! NRPTBIND.EXE report on specified User / Group /Queue Security access,
Group membership, Trustee Rights, Queue Membership, ...
NRPTPCON.EXE create report on user's PRINTCON.DAT file
NRPTSCRP.EXE create report on user, group, server's system login script
NRPTEQUA.EXE create report on users with security equilvalences
NLOGADDR.EXE log LoginName / workstation physical address
! NLOGEVT.EXE log user activity by applications and other events
NLIST.EXE display all attach'able servers and summary of connections

Printer related utilities:

NASKRPRN.EXE wait 2 minutes display before loading RPRINTER.EXE
! NCHKRPRN.EXE check/display status of RPRINTER on workstations
NDELPRNJ.EXE delete all specified printjobs in a specified print queue
! NSELPRNJ.EXE allow users to set their automatic printer routing to use
upon login

Maintenance related utilities:

! NMANPCON.EXE manage all printcon.dat files from a master printcon.dat
! NCOPYIPX.EXE upgrade workstation IPX.COM automatically, if needed

NCHKCSYS.EXE check workstation config.sys for Files, Buffers, Env Space
NCOPYNEW.EXE overwrite outdated files based on command line
NCOPYSCR.EXE overwrite outdated files based upon script file
NCPY2SUB.EXE copy specified file to all subdirectories
NCHKPASS.EXE check for weak user passwords
NDATEDIR.EXE set all files in specified subdirectory to current date/time
NSETTIME.EXE set the date/time on all logged servers
NGETTIME.EXE get the current date/time on all logged servers
NCMPDATE.EXE compare specified file's date with specified date (..)
NLOGMSG.EXE log(append) a specified message to the specified file (..)
NCMPDRVR.EXE compare the WS's IPX, NETX, IRQ with specified value (..)
NSTRING.EXE search for the specified text in the specified file (..)

Directory/File Ownership related utilities:

NCHGOWN.EXE change Directory/File ownership of specified subdirectories
NSUBOWN.EXE set Directory/File ownership to match subdirectory name
NRPTOWN.EXE report Directory/File ownership of specified subdirectories

Netware 286 2.x only utilities:

NOPNFILE.EXE display open files for specified user or current directory
NRPTCONN.EXE display/collect read/write/packet-requests for all users

User / Workstation related utilities:

NPHONE.EXE display specified text lines in a text file (ei: Phone #'s)
NDISK.EXE display disk space available/consumed (return exitlevel)
NMEM.EXE display conventional memory available (return exitlevel)
NEMSMEM.EXE display Expanded Memory (EMS) available (return exitlevel)
NXMSMEM.EXE display Extended Memory (XMS) available (return exitlevel)
NEXTMEM.EXE display Extended Memory available (return exitlevel)
NDOSVER.EXE display DOS version (return exitlevel)
NEQUA.EXE check if user is a member of Equivalency(return exitlevel)
NGROUP.EXE check if user is a member of Group (return exitlevel)
NADDRESS.EXE check if user is at physical address (return exitlevel)

MHS Utilities

NRPTMHSU.EXE create a usage log of the MHS subdirectories (Email)
NMHS2TXT.EXE utility to be used as a MHS Gateway mode (OUTPOST.EXE)
converts mail to text format for common use & special tasks
NRPTMHS.EXE create a quick configuration report on MHS 's NetDir.Tab

Sample Files:

ALLUSERS.SCR sample of script for use with NCOPYSCR.EXE
EVERYONE.GRP sample of group report (EVERYONE) by NRPTBIND
GORDON.USR sample of user report (GORDON) by NRPTBIND
NET.BAT sample of load ipx/netx, and login batch file
NET$LOG.DAT sample of Server System Login script
PEGGY.USR sample of user report (PEGGY) by NRPTBIND
WAYNE.CON sample of user's (WAYNE) PRINTCON.DAT file by NRPTPCON
SUPER.CON sample of user's (SUPER) PRINTCON.DAT file by NRPTPCON
SAMPLE1.RPT sample of ownership report by NRPTOWN
SAMPLE2.RPT sample of ownership report by NRPTOWN

Additional Utilities planned or in-beta:
(If you have a specific need, please send a letter to the author!)

NDELOLD.EXE delete files specified by age in specified subdirectory tree.
NDELEXT.EXE delete files specified by extension in specified subdirectory
NBEEPER.EXE send specified phone sequence to modem.
NVIRUS.EXE do a CRC check on NFONE.EXE and log user out if it was hit
by a virus.


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Archive   : NUTL6B.ZIP
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