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MHSIGNAL - Notify NetWare users of incoming mail from MHS
ver 0.10 - (c) BCMI 1992

***FREEWARE*** you may copy and share this program as long as no money is
involved (except for media and shipping expenses)


MHSIGNAL informs logged users that new mail has been
routed to them by MHS. MHSIGNAL detects new mail sent
to users by an MHS host or gateway. MHSIGNAL does
not detect new mail sent by an MHS application.


Install MHSIGNAL as a TSR on the computer running MHS.
MHSIGNAL can be loaded in upper memory if the environment
allows it. MHSIGNAL uses less than 2Kb of memory.


MHSIGNAL intercepts temporary file creation requests in
MHS users directories and sends a broadcast message to the
involved user if he or she is logged on the network.

If an MHS gateway does not use MS-DOS function 5Ah to create
message files in the MHS user directory, MHSIGNAL will not
detect new mail processed by this gateway. MHSIGNAL will
however detect new mail sent by SMFSEND.EXE (or SMFSEAL.EXE)
from within the INPOST procedure of a gateway.

MHSIGNAL was first known under the name MHSNOTFY. But a similar utility
called MHSNOTFY is distributed by Infinite Technologies.

Fran‡ois Bergeon
3 rue des Sports
27380 Charleval FRANCE
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