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NETUSERS.EXE - Ver 2.00 (C) { 08/25/89 }

Atkinson - Home Computer - (414)543-8929

This utility is for use on NETBIOS adapters which allow remote access from
a remote station. The initial setup of your LAN cards required setting of
unique adapter ID numbers, most likely through some sort of an on card
toggle switch. This program attempts to return the status of those remote
cards and if successful returns that remote cards first name_table entry.

An additional output file which will be named NETUSERS.FIL will be placed in
the same directory as that which contains the NETUSERS.EXE program. This file
is a duplicate of the screen I/O for each adapter which returns a successful

This program was coded on DLINK adapter cards under the KNOS operating system.

Version 2.00 represents increased performance by eliminating wait periods on
cards that are not accessible. Please note that it is best to run this
utility on a work station and NOT on the server.

If this utility operates on cards/operating systems other than those
mentioned above, please drop me a note stating so on either the Home Computer
at (414)543-8929 or the Exec-Pc at (414)964-5160).

Type NETUSERS without parameters for usage help.

To register this utility a 20$ donation is recommended.

Send donations and inquiries to

Thomas Atkinson
8223 West Oklahoma Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53219