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TTY3.ZIP September 25, 1992

Basic Communications Program for NACS 3.0

TTY3 allows you to communicate from a workstation through a NACS server.
It is primarily designed as a diagnostic tool.

TTY is for software diagnosis and configuration testing. It does not WNIM
or other hardware.

NASI3 (enter)
TTY3 (enter)

You will then be talking directly to the NASI Command Interpreter (CI).
For help with the CI commands, please see Appendix A in your NACS
Administration Guide.

TTY3 contains several diagnostic functions accessed through the function

F1: Function List
Gives a list of the F keys and their functions in TTY3.

F3: Enable/Disable VT-100 emulation
Makes your computer look like a VT-100 terminal.

F7: List Available Services
This will list all of the Available Ports on all of the available NACS that
your terminal can currently access.

F9: List NACS V3x in the Bindery
Lists all of the NACS (version 3.0 and above) that can be seen in the
bindery of your current logged file server. Note that this is a search
through the bindery, not through the NASI interface. Therefore, it can be
very useful in determining if your NACS exists at all. If you see a NACS
here, but not with F7, you probably don't have the rights to access that

F10: Disconnect and Exit
Shuts down the connection and returns you to DOS.

Alt-F8: Put connection on Hold
Puts the current connection on Hold, so you can open another connection.

Alt-F10: Disconnect
Disconnects the current connection, but keeps TTY3 active.

TTY3.EXE 47230 9-25-92

Some versions of NACS 2X contained a TTY which is not compatible with NACS
3. This is the first TTY for NACS 3.

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