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Netware Accounting Data Converter

NADC is distributed under the shareware concept. If you find it
useful, a contribution of $10 would be greatly appreciated. You can
send your contributions to the following address:

David T. Dunagan
7650 McCallum #913
Dallas, Texas 75252

Comments can be sent to this address, or Compuserve ID: 73230,3343

Please distribute this freely. The only request that I make is that
it be distributed with all the files intact. For a list of files in
this archive, please see below.

************************** DISCLAIMER ******************************

David T. Dunagan makes no representation or warranties with respect
to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any implied
warranties to the suitability of this program for any particular
purpose. You must determine that yourself. In addition, you should
understand that using a program of this type on an IBM PC or
compatible has inherent risks and that you may inadvertently damage
or destroy valuable programs or data. David T. Dunagan expressly
declines to assume liability for any use of this program by you,
and your use of this program constitutes your agreement to hold me
blameless. David T. Dunagan reserves the right to make changes from
time to time in the context hereof without obligation to notify any
person or persons of such changes.

O.K., now that the legal part is out of the way...

Comments on NADC
NADC, written in Turbo C, is intended to be used to convert the accounting
data accumulated by Novell Netware 2.1 into a useful format for the
LAN administrator. Information such as user ID, workstation node number,
logged time, and I/O data are read from the file NET$ACCT.DAT and converted
to fixed-length records in ASCII format. This data, in turn, can be imported
by most popular spreadsheet and database packages.

I have included a sample dBase III routine for importing and manipulating
this data. After manipulating this data in dBase, I usually export it in
WKS format for use in Lotus 1-2-3 or Harvard Graphics to create graphs on
individual or departmental usage.

The only installation note is that this program must be run in the same
directory as the file NET$ACCT.DAT, which resides in the SYS:SYSTEM
directory. A suggestion would be to copy the file NET$ACCT.DAT into
another directory, run NADC against the copy, and then delete the original.
Deleting the original NET$ACCT.DAT is no problem to Netware because if it
doesn't find SYS:SYSTEM\NET$ACCT.DAT, then it creates a new one.

Files that should be in this archive:

NADC.EXE - The latest version
NADC.DOC - This documentation
---------------- Sample dBase programs
ADATA.DBF - Main database file
ID.NDX - index on user id
LOG100.PRG - Append new data from ACCTDATA.DAT
LOG200.PRG - Report summary by user id
LOG300.PRG - Report summary by workstation node address
LOGADDR.NDX - index on workstation node address
LOGMAIN.PRG - main program

File layout of ACCTDATA.DAT

# Field Name Type Length Decimal

1 Action Date C 8
2 Action Time C 10
3 Node ? (Server) C 5
4 User ID C 11
5 Minutes Logged N 8 0
6 Server Requests N 10 0
7 Bytes Read N 10 0
8 Bytes Written N 10 0
9 Workstation Address C 22

NADC update history

Version 1.0
This initial version was released as ACCTCVT.EXE

Version 1.1
This was the first version released as NADC.EXE
I removed the dumping of the output to the screen
because it slowed down the conversion process and
served no useful purpose. Windows were added for

Trademarks and Copyrights:

NOVELL and NETWARE are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc.
LOTUS 1-2-3 is a registered trademark of Lotus Corporation
dBase and dBase III are registered trademarks of Ashton-Tate, Inc.
Harvard Graphics is a registered trademark of Software Publishing Corp.
TURBO C is a registered trademark of Borland International, Inc.

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