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This README file accompanies MONITOR for NetWare v3.10 rev. A. The following
file is included for this revision:

MONITOR NLM 100451 07-20-90 4:51p

This version of MONITOR corrects a problem where the server may hang when
clearing connections. It also corrects a problem where resources may not be
released when exiting MONITOR.

To install this utility:

1) Copy MONITOR.NLM to the same directory as the other NLM files on your
system (SYS:SYSTEM is suggested).

2) After the system is brought up, type LOAD MONITOR.


Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to this
software program, and specifically disclaims any express or implied
warranties of merchantability, title, or fitness for a particular purpose.
Novell's intentions for this software program is to provide a temporary
work-around to the anomalies described in this file. Such work-arounds are
typically addressed in future releases of NetWare.
Novell will not be responsible for any data loss that may result from
implementing this program. Novell strongly recommends a backup be made
before any program is applied. Technical support for this program is
provided at the discretion of Novell.