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MONITOR.EXE Supervisor Utility to Monitor User Activity
on NetWare v2.1x / v2.2x / v3.x
Public Domain written by Wolfgang Schreiber

Purpose: Monitor.EXE can be used to see users' file and I/O
activity. It displays the open files and indicates
files opened for reading, writing, locked files and
files in transactions.

Usage: Call Monitor.EXE without parameters

Display: The main display shows columns as follows
Con Connection Number used on server
Act The 1st character represents Read/Write activity
The 2nd character represents service requests
'-' stands for 'not any activity until now'
'0' stands for 'no current activity'
'+' stands for 'activity'
'+' (red) stands for 'high activity'
'?' could not be accessed (on NW 386)
User Shows the user name.
If the name is preceded by '*' it is not a user but
another object (e.g. print server, SQL, gateway, ...)
Phys.Address is displayed on request (Press 'a')
OpenFiles Shows the names of all open files. The color of the
file name indicates the open mode:
(gray) : Open for reading
(white): Open for writing
(green): Opened in sharable mode
(red) : File is locked
(blue) : File is flagged 'transactional'

Keys: The status line shows possible function keys
+ / - Change current file server
Arrow keys Scroll display
PgUp/PgDn Scroll display pagewise
Tab/Sh-Tab Scroll display pagewise
home/end Display first/last connections
# Pause sampling data
A Switch on/off station address display
ESC Exit program

Limitations: - Indicators for Service requests and Read/Write requests
indicated in the 'Act' column are not supported under
NetWare v3.x
- Only Supervisors, equivalents, or console operators
will get detailed information.