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LANtastic NOS 4.0 Technical Bulletin:
Maynard MaynStream for DOS v3.1
9.6.91 JAG

Maynard Electronics, Inc. MaynStream for DOS v3.1 was tested using the
MaynStream 1300 DAT (2 GB) drive utilizing a Maynard 16 bit SCSI interface
card. Since the software interacts directly with the tape drive hardware, each
computer on the LAN which will be backed up must be configured as a server.
The general procedure is for the machine with the tape drive attached to login
to each server and backup the server's files to the local tape drive.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the tape drive hardware
and software. The tape backup machine may be configured as a LANtastic
workstation or server, depending on the user's preference. Once the drive and
software is installed, you must configure it for the LAN. To do this, start the
TMENU program, select the "Configuration" menu, choose "H/W Options," then
"Network Type," and set the type to IBM PC Network.

Program Execution
The tape backup software can be run from the command line, the menu
interface (TMENU) or the automatic backup TSR (AUTOBACK). Note that
TMENU requires 512K of free base RAM to run without errors. All backups
should be done as file-by-file backups, image backups are not possible on
network drives. Drives on servers that are to be backed up must be NET USEd
before running the backup software. If the backup is configured to wait for open
files to close before backing them up, it is recommended that the network
control directory (\LANTASTI.NET by default) on each server be excluded from
the backup. See the MaynStream documentation for instructions regarding
excluding directories from the backup. If the backup is configured to skip open
files, it is not necessary to exclude the servers' network control directories.

The MaynStream IsleLAN interface is currently incompatible with LANtastic NOS
v4.0. This bulletin will be updated once the incompatibilities have been

Maynard Electronics, Inc. MaynStream for DOS v3.1 is compatible with
LANtastic NOS v4.0 with the exception of the IsleLAN interface.

ARTISOFT, Inc. makes no warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of this
document. LANtastic is a trademark of ARTISOFT, Inc. MaynStream and Maynard
are registered trademarks of Maynard Electronics, Inc.

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