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Programs and related files:
MASSUSER.EXE - Windows Mass User Management Program
MASSUSER.HLP - Windows On-line Help
MASSMODE.EXE - DOS Child process program that can be accessed
from a batch file (See MassUser on-line help)
VTFILE.EXE - DOS program for verify parsing of text files
SAMPLE.TMP - A sample template file for MUM
SAMPLE.ADD - A sample text file used to add users
STUDENT.ZIP - A DOS front end utility allowing students to
request an account. Shareware Program.
MANUAL.PS - An encapsulated postscript file containing the
entire manual (this file contains several
screen pictures and takes quite some time to
MANUAL.TXT - An text version of the manual without graphics
Text Files:
README.1ST - Short Program description.
RELEASE.TXT - Release notes and list of files (this file)
EVALUATE.TXT - Questionnaire about Mass User Management
ORDERING.TXT - Order form for Mass User Management


File extensions used by Mass User Management (MUM).
The file extensions used by MUM are arbitrary and you can use any file
extensions you wish at any time, but the following are used as defaults:

*.tmp - Template files
*.rpt - MUM report files
*.lst - MUM generated list files
*.add - Files used to add users

Changes in Version 1.2:

1) The password options have been expanded to allow
supervisors to provide their own passwords while adding
users. An additional password field can now be included
in the text file used to add accounts. Previously,
supervisors could only provide a username.
2) Under the "Delete" menu, a menu item entitled "Delete
Directories" was added to allow supervisors to delete ALL
trustee directory assignments of users that were deleted
using MUM. This option will delete the trustee
directories, their files, and subdirectories. Note that
this option will delete all files including hidden and
read only files in the Trustee Directories given. We
recommend using caution when using this new option.
3) Under all deleting options, supervisors can now execute a
mock deleting run. This can be used to get a listing of
trustee directory assignments (since the deleting options
generate a list of trustee directory assignments of the
deleted users).
4) Under all menu items on the "Modify" menu, supervisors can
now modify user's account balance and low limit or add to
the current account balance.
5) Also under all menu items on the "Modify" menu,
supervisors can now modify user's volume restrictions for
any or all volumes.
6) Under all menu items on the "Lists" menu, supervisors can
now display user's current account balance and low limit.
7) Also under all menu items on the "Lists" menu, supervisors
can now display user's current volume restrictions and
current disk space in use for all volumes on the server.
8) MassMode (MassUser's child program) has a completely new
user interface that facilitates error checking and keeps
supervisor's completely informed of MUM's progress.
9) Some general bug fixes involving file sharing between
MassUser and MassMode.
10) Some general bug fixes involving displaying windows
on the "Modify" and "Lists" menus.
11) Help buttons have been added to all dialog boxes to
allow easy access to on-line help.

Volume Restrictions:
The Novell API call we use to SET volume restrictions to unlimited or
zero will perform its task correctly and the result will appear correctly
in SYSCON; however, the Novell API call we use in MUM to READ volume
information cannot distinguish between zero and unlimited. So, in short,
MUM will correctly modify volume restrictions set to unlimited or zero, but
when it reports anything, both unlimited and zero restriction limits are
reported as "Unlim/Zero" -- not distinguishing between unlimited and zero.

We are told that this malfunctioning of one of the Novell API calls is
not surprising since the development libraries were written for 2.xx servers.
In the mean time, we must wait for the new Novell API libraries which
should correct this problem.

Until this is ratified we suggest setting those users who need to have zero
volume space to a value of one (byte); therefore, when MUM reports
volume disk restrictions, the users that report a "Unlim/Zero" value
are actually those users with Unlimited space.

Future Enhancements:
We are in the process of getting the Novell Development Libraries
(API calls) that work in Windows that have recently been released.
When we get these libraries we specifically plan to:

1) Indicate the server you are working on.
2) Provide lists of existing groups and volumes on the server to choose
from for those dialog boxes prompting for such things.
3) Integrate the Modify and Lists menus into windows so you will not have
to drop to DOS to perform these tasks.

Thanks again for your interest in Mass User Management. We think you will
find this tool extremely valuable to simplify the managing of more and more
users as your systems develop and expand.

Bruce and Shawn Holmstead