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LAN Master - Readme file


LAN Master is a command processor that searches the NetWare
Bindery to find user records and then processes a series of
commands based on the user record found and the optional
keyboard response.

A sample COMMAND.DAT is located in the distribution ZIP
file. This sample command file assumes that you have an
application named ABC that resides on S:\ABC. It also
assumes that in a directory named S:\ABC\USRFILES are some
"private" files that must exist for each user. These could
be user configuration files. The first command in the
COMMAND.DAT file assigns ROS rights to users for the S:\ABC
directory. The second command creates a subdirectory in
each user's directory named ABC. Then the third line copies
the private configuration files to a user directory that is
F:\USER\userid\ABC, where userid is replaced by the actual
User-ID for each person.

COMMAND.DAT must reside in the current directory when you
execute the program, and may be no more than 10 lines in
length. To be safe with inserts, keep the length of the
lines to around 100 characters. The command lines may
contain two variables: %USERID% and %HEXID%. The "current"
bindery record's username and hex-ID fields will be
substituted into the command line.

The process will scan the bindery looking for user (type 1)
records. As a user record is found, the username will be
displayed, and the "Process?" prompt will be displayed. If
you answer "Y", the command set will be executed for that
user, while "N" (or any other response) will skip that user.

The entire 10-line command set is read at the start of the
program, so the command lines can change directories or
drives, and generally move around the system at will.
Unless you redirect the output of each line to a file or
nul, the responses will display on the screen.

If you do not want the "Process?" prompt and do want to
process ALL user records, start the program as follows:



This program is distrubuted as ShareWare. If you decide to
use it, please send $10 to the following address:

Campbell's Software, Inc.
10831 West Broad Street
Glen Allen, VA 23060 USA

Any suggestions for future releases are also welcome.


LANMaster Copyright 1991 by Campbell's Software, Inc.

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