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Control the number of concurrent users that access a DOS executable file - great for networks.
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Control the number of concurrent users that access a DOS executable file – great for networks.
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Contents of the LOCKER.TXT file


Thank you for your interest in LOCKER ! Please notify us if you have any
problems with LOCKER. We are interested in what you think about LOCKER -
what additional feature you would like to see, what you don't like about it,
and what you do like about it.


LOCKER controls the number of concurrent users that may access an
DOS executable file. When someone tries to access the file when maximum
number is being used, they are put in a queue and can either wait until
the application is free or escape out.

Instructions for installing LOCKER v1.05 Demo

Description of files:

LOCKCON.EXELocker Management Console
LOCKER.TXT This text file

These instructions assume a working knowledge of DOS. If you are
uncertain on how to copy files refere to your DOS Reference Guide.

Copy the LOCKER files to your network. If you prefer you can run
them from a floppy.

Copy LOCKER.DOS, LOCKCON.EXE, LOCKER.TXT to your Fileserver's
\SYSTEM directory (or any restricted directory)

example: copy a:lock*.* f:\system\*.*
(This will copy all the locker files from drive a: to the
f:\system directory)

When you run LOCKCON you will see the console screen: (ex.)

LOCKER v1.05 Console

TEST.EXE DOS 010 000

INS=Install DEL=UnInstall ENTER=Change Count ESC=Exit

Program name is the name of the exec which is being monitored.
Type is the type of exec (for furture additions)
Limit is the number of allowed concurrant users.
Use is the number of users currently using the exec.

From LOCKCON you can install / remove or change the user limit on an executable.

To install locker on an executable (Note: your must have full rights to
the program directory). Since it does modify the executable you
may want to make a backup of the program before you run locker:

This will bring up the Locker console.
Press the key - this will bring up an install box. Enter the
program name (ex. WP.EXE), the user limit (ex. 1), and the directory
of where the file can be found (ex. \PROGRAMS\WP or F:\PROGRAMS\WP)
Then press F10 to lock the executable or ESC to abort.

NOTE: If you use a drive letter that can refer (at different times) to
different disks make certain that each time you run LOCKCON it points to
the same disk). If you don't use a drive letter - make certain you are on
the same disk drive when you run it.

To remove locker from an executable:

Use the arrow keys to hilite the program you wish to remove locker from.
Press the key to remove locker. You will be prompted if you wish
to continue (Y/N).

Use the arrow keys to hilite the program you wish to change the limit on.
Press the (or ) key, this will bring up the change window.
Change the limit and press to save your changes or to abort.

After LOCKER has been installed on a program, when the program is run
you will get the following message:

LOCKER v1.05 Demo Version
Copyright (c) Jason P. Murray 1991. All Rights Reserved.

and the program will execute. If the maximum number of concurrent users are
already using the program, the following message will also be displayed:

The maximum number of concurrant users for this program
has been reached.
Waiting for the program to be available (Press to abort)

You can then wait until one of the users stops using the program, or press
the ESC key to exit.

You should only install / remove / change locker on a program which is not
being used. (i.e. Do not change the limits on a word processing program while
people are using it !)

When LOCKER is installed it creates several hidden files in the program
directory. These files should not be deleted.

After running LOCKER on an COM file, the file will be renamed as .EXE
If the program you are install LOCKER on has both a .COM & an .EXE.
You will not be able to install LOCKER on the COM until you rename
one of them.

You are allowed to use this DEMO version of LOCKER for 30 days. After 30 days
a message will be displayed stating that you have used LOCKER for more than
30 days. You should either purchase LOCKER or stop using the DEMO. You are
allowed to give this demo to anyone ONLY IF it is given with this
documentation and is FREE.

The following licenses for LOCKER v1.05 are available:

$ 65 / server +$5 Shipping/ Handling
$135 / site license. +$5 Shipping/ Handling

In Massachusetts please add 5% Sales Tax.

If you want more information on LOCKER or
if you decide to purchase LOCKER (send a check or money order),
Hampshire Software can be contacted at:

Box 2332
Amherst MA, 01004-2332


Compuserve Address: 72607, 3042

Dealer / Reseller inquires welcomed.

And NOW for the usual disclaimers:

NO OTHER WARRANTIES. HAMPSHIRE SOFTWARE disclaims all other warranties, either express
or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of mechantability and
fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the software, the accompanying
written materials, and any accompanying hardware. This limited warranty gives
you specific legal rights. You may have others, which vary from state to state.

or its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever caused by the use of or
inability to use this HAMPSHIRE SOFTWARE product. Because some states do not
allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential of incidental
damages, the above limitation may not apply to you.

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