Category : Network Files
Archive   : LANMEN.ZIP
Filename : LANMENU.TXT

Output of file : LANMENU.TXT contained in archive : LANMEN.ZIP
Word Processing
Lotus & Dbase 3+

Network Utilities
Modem Com.

Service Database
Disk Utilities
Run Wordperfect Version 5
Run The Wordperfect Version 5 Tutorial

Run Q&A

Run CrossPoint Electronic EFS

Quit LanMenu and Logout
Lotus 123 Version 2 For CGA Systems
Lotus 123 Version 2 For EGA Systems

Run Foxbase Plus
Run Foxview
Run Foxview Demo

Run Ichart

Run Ventura for EGA [Marketing Only]

dir & quit

Exit Menu System
Run Mail
Edit E-Mail Address Book
Set user Password
Set Printers to LOCAL
Set printer to NETWORK (REMOTE)
Check Printer Queue Status
Check For Other Users logged In
Chat to Another Logged In User
Run Softerm
Activate Modem Software [Procomm 2.4.2]

Run Enable Lou
Run Enable Sue
Run Enable Bruce
Run Enable Dave

Display Calendar for selected Month
Run Basic

Run C

Run Benchmark Tests

Run Higgins
Run Higgins (Monochrome Screen)

Xt Pro
Backup to floppy [Fastback]
Restore from Floppy [Fastback]
Chkdsk with Fragmentation Report

Run Asynchronous Service

if "%user_dir%" == "" goto err~u:~cd \users~cd %user_dir%~path g:\wordperf.v5;g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~wp /u=%wpuser%~goto end~:err~cls~echo Environment Error - Aborting~pause~:end~
g:~cd \wordperf.v5\learn~tutor~

c:~cd\gallery~call gal~
path g:\qa;g:\utils;z:\;~g:~cd \qa\users~qa~

g:~cd \cross~cp~

{Key L O G O U T Entr}{Quit}
g:~path g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;g:\lotusv2.sys;z:\~cd \lotusv2.sys~lotus cga~
g:~path g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;g:\lotusv2.sys;z:\~cd \lotusv2.sys~lotus ega~

{default u}{?Enter Drive Letter to use c/u}:~{default \users\public}cd {?Enter Directory to use [eg. \users\demo]}~path g:\foxbase.sys;g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~mfoxplus~
{default u}{?Enter Drive Letter to use c/u}:~{default \users\public}cd {?Enter Directory to use [eg. \users\demo]}~path g:\foxbase.sys;g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~foxview~
u:~cd \users\public~cd g:\foxbase.sys\foxvdemo~path g:\foxbase.sys;g:\foxbase.sys\foxvdemo;g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~foxview~

g:~cd \ichart\user~path g:\ichart;g:\utils;z:\~ichart~

g:~cd \ventura~path g:\ventura;g:\utils;z:\~drvrmrgr vp {?Enter Chapter Path} /s=sd_egah5/m=03/a=8~

dir /w~pause
{Key d i r entr}{quit}

u:~cd %user_dir%~g:\utils\leave~
cls~z:\setprint lpt1 off >nul~z:\setprint lpt2 off >nul~echo Printers are now local~pause~
cls~z:\setprint lpt1 "Laser Upstairs@Marketing@MicroFox Richfield~echo printers are now remote~pause~
cls~z:\users *@*~pause~
cls~z:\chat {?Enter User Streettalk Name [eg. joe@sales]}~
if "%softerm%" == "" goto err~path g:\softerm;g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~z:\rasynch >nul~g:\softerm\softerm/o g:\softerm/s %softerm%/T %softerm%/W~goto end~:err~echo Invalid User Config~pause~:end~
g:~cd \procomm.sys~path g:\procomm.sys;g:\utils;z:\~u:~cd %user_dir%~procomm~

g:~cd \en300\service~path g:\en300;g:\utils;z:\~enable (g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,u:\admin\service),i=A1,@1~
g:~cd \en300\service~path g:\en300;g:\utils;z:\~enable (g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,u:\admin\service),i=A2,@1~
g:~cd \en300\service~path g:\en300;g:\utils;z:\~enable (g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,u:\admin\service),i=A3,@1~
g:~cd \en300\service~path g:\en300;g:\utils;z:\~enable (g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,g:\en300,u:\admin\service),i=A4,@1~

cls~g:\utils\cal {? Month and Year [eg. Apr 87]}~@echo .~@echo .~pause~
u:~cd \users\demo~path g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~gwbasic~

g:~cd \users\{?User directory Name [eg. demo]}~path g:\c.sys;g:\dos.sys;g:\utils;z:\~mws~


path g:\utils;g:\dos.sys;z:\~g:~cd \higgins~higgins~z:\endspool >nul~
path g:\utils;g:\dos.sys;z:\~g:~cd \higgins~higgins mono~z:\endspool >nul~

cls~g:\utils\xtpro {?Which Drive A/B/C/D/G/U}:~
cls~g:~cd \fastback~fastback~
cls~g:~cd \fastback~frestore~
cls~g:\dos.sys\chkdsk c:*.*~

g:~cd \modem~hosts~

To remove sample entries, delete LANMENU.TXT. Key in /VT to change this Title.

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Archive   : LANMEN.ZIP
Filename : LANMENU.TXT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: