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L11U03.DOC (this file)
GETATRIB.PAT 1248 12-03-92 9:09a
CLOSEFIL.PAT 1084 12-01-92 10:30a
LPTSTAT.PAT 1255 11-16-92 2:06p
RECONFIX.PAT 2626 10-12-92 9:52a
CLPRINTR.PAT 1198 11-16-92 10:12a
VXDFIX.PAT 1075 03-03-93 4:35p



Update: A file that has a .PAT extension and defines changes to a
software program.

Target file: A file with an .EXE extension that is to be modified by an

UPATCH: Universal Update Program. A program that applies updates to
target files.

Note: UPATCH.EXE is shipped with Netware Lite v1.1 and
the Netware Lite v1.1 upgrade kit.



You need only one diskette to update all copies of NetWare Lite on your
NetWare Lite network. You do not need a separate diskette for each copy of
NetWare Lite.

Make backup copies of the files before running UPATCH. Do not update the
original NetWare Lite Program and Driver diskette files.

If a machine has a hard disk with NetWare Lite software, the files to be
updated are in the C:\NWLITE directory.

If a machine does not have a hard disk, the files to be updated are on the
workstation's floppy diskette that has the NetWare Lite CLIENT.EXE.

To get consistent results from the network, use UPATCH to update all copies
of NetWare Lite on the network (all servers and clients). If a server or
client is not updated, it will continue with the erratic behavior that the
update is designed to correct.

Review the section of this document that corresponds to the update to find
out what the update does. Each section describes what the update will be
applied to, the update date, the checksums, the problems the update
corrects, and the symptoms you may see before the update is applied.

You can use UPATCH to apply updates before or after running NetWare Lite,
but the changes do not take effect until the computer is rebooted and the
updated files are loaded into memory.



To update the SERVER or CLIENT software on a hard disk,

1. Copy the .PAT files into the NWLITE directory on the C drive.

2. To apply the update to the applicable target file, type "UPATCH" and
press .

3. When the DOS prompt appears, reboot the computer. The updated files
will be used when they are loaded into memory.

To update CLIENT software on a workstation that uses a floppy diskette,

1. Insert the diskette (w/updates) into drive A: (the floppy should
contain the .PAT files and UPATCH.EXE.

2. Insert the workstation's copy of the diskette that contains CLIENT.EXE
into drive B:. Do not update the original NetWare Lite diskettes.

3. At the DOS prompt, type "A:" and press .

4. Type "UPATCH B:CLIENT.EXE", press and follow the instructions
on the screen.

NOTE: The updates are applied to the CLIENT.EXE file and the
original file is retained with an .OLD file extension. If
necessary, the .OLD version can be renamed and executed.

5. When the DOS prompt appears, reboot the computer. The updated
CLIENT.EXE file will be used when it is loaded into memory.


To get the latest information on NetWare Lite updates, application
compatibility, hardware compatibility, upgrades and updates, top ten
support issues, NetWare Lite product information, etc., customers in the
U.S. and Canada can call Novell's 24-hour automated fax service. To access
this service, dial (800) NETWARE [(800)638-9273] and press the star (*) key
during the recorded message.



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GETATRIB.PAT - NetWare lite Client get file attribute fix patch.

Checksums: 758, BB2, 59A, 351, BB2

Problem: Running the Quicken finance software and printing to a NWLite
captured printer, Quicken printing fails with the message
"Can't print to LPT1".

Symptoms: Quicken printing fails with the message "Can't print to LPT1".
This also fixes the problem with getting file attributes across
the network. The problem was with OPENDEV.PAT.


CLOSEFIL.PAT - NetWare Lite v1.1 Server close file handles fix patch.

Checksums: 2CC, 2B4, 20

Problem: When a client station has open files on a NWLite server and
the client reboots with the files still open, sometimes the
files will not be closed when the client reconnects or when
watchdog clears the station connection.

Symptoms: Files are left open on the server when a client reboots.


LPTSTAT.PAT - NetWare Lite v1.1 Server LPT printer status fix patch.

Checksums: 5B7, CO1, 575, 307, C01

Problem: Print jobs in NWLite are being sent to a printer that has been
taken off line or powered off. The jobs are being lost.

Symptoms: Print jobs are being lost when the printer has been powered off
or taken off line.


RECONFIX.PAT - NetWare Lite Client reconnect patch.

Checksums: 76A, 74F, 10EF, 66A, 64F, 8F7, 3A3, 3A3, 10EF

Problem: The reconnection between server and client fails to occur when
the "net capture" or "net print" commands are issued by a
client to a server that has just been rebooted. Subsequent
"net capture" or "net print" commands from the client station
will work normally.

Symptoms: When using the "net capture" or "net print" commands as the
first commands from a client to a server that has just been
rebooted, the error messages "Redirect device -- Too many
open files." or "Write file -- Access denied." will be
displayed and the command will fail.


CLPRINTR.PAT - NetWare Lite Client printer corruption fix patch.

Checksums: 6AC, 562, 5D4, 316, 562

Problem: Running certain applications on a client/server with a local
printer will produce printer output that has been corrupted.

Symptoms: Printer output that has been captured through NWLite will be


VXDFIX.PAT - NetWare Lite v1.1 Server windows VxD fix patch version 2.0.

Checksums: 5F0, 605, EF

Problem: When auto-loading applications with windows v3.1 and running
NWLite, the server will not respond until some of the auto-loaded
applications are closed.

Symptoms: The NWLite server will appear to hang when loading applications
in windows startup box.



Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to any
NetWare software, and specifically disclaims any express or implied
warranties of merchantability, title, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Distribution of any NetWare software is forbidden without the express
written consent of Novell, Inc. Further, Novell reserves the right to
discontinue distribution of any NetWare software.

Novell is not responsible for lost profits or revenue, loss if use of the
software, loss of data, costs of re-creating lost data, the cost of any
substitute equipment or program, or claims by any party other than you.
Novell strongly recommends a backup be made before any software is
installed. Technical support for this software may be provided at the
discretion of Novell.

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