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This README file of IDE386.ZIP accompanies IDE.DSK for NetWare v3.11.
The following files are included for this revision:

IDE DSK 13284 1-09-92 1:24p
IDE386 DOC (This file)

This driver supports most IDE drives with Netware v3.11. Along with other
IDE drives, this driver specifically supports the IBM PS/2 models 35 and


To install this Disk Driver:

1) Copy IDE.DSK to the boot-up directory of the server. (Same location as

2) After the system is brought up, example: LOAD A:IDE.DSK


The IDE disk driver was written to work with ATA/IDE disk drives. The
ISADISK driver should not be used with these disk drives. This driver
is a self configuring driver and does not rely on the BIOS for disk
drive support.

The driver supports Read-after-write verify at the software level.
Using the VERIFY ON mode will cause writing to the disk to be a
little slower than normal.

The driver will also support up to eight ATA/IDE disk drives in a
file server. This is possible by using addressable paddleboards.
These paddleboards allow the user to configure the base I/O address
and IRQ. (Primary I/O address at 1F0h and IRQ 14, second address at
170h, third address at 1E8h, and fourth address at 168h.) IRQs 9,
10, 11, and 15 may be used with the second, third, and fourth base
I/O addresses. It is not recommanded to use IRQ 12 because of
possible conflicts with the mouse port.

Not all paddleboards will work correctly in all file servers. Refer
to your hardware manufacturer or system integrator for recommended


* The IDE disk driver will not work with ESDI and the ST506/412 bus
controllers. The ATA/IDE, ST506, and ESDI interfaces look similar
to the system software; however, they are handled differently by
the disk driver.

* If a disk drive is to have a DOS partion installed, it will need
to be installed BEFORE the NetWare partion is installed.


Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to
any NetWare software, and specifically disclaims any express or
implied warranties of merchantability, title, or fitness for a
particular purpose.

Distribution of any NetWare software is forbidden without the
express written consent of Novell, Inc. Further, Novell reserves
the right to discontinue distribution of any NetWare software.

Novell is not responsible for lost profits or revenue, loss of use
of the software, loss of data, costs of re-creating lost data, the
cost of any substitute equipment or program, or claims by any party
other than you. Novell strongly recommends a backup be made before
any software is installed. Technical support for this software
may be provided at the discretion of Novell.

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