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This document contains information about the changes that were
made to the Full Screen Login program in time. From version to
version there have been small bug fixes, textual changes,
functional enhancements as well as documentation enhancements.

Version 1.0 March 1993
After beta testing several months with a group of seven
volunteering supervisors and their users this version was
released in the first week of march 1993 on a Dutch BBS.

From version 1.0 to 1.1 April 1993
The detection of monochrome displays connected to a VGA
adapter has been improved. There have been some cases of
'grey', almost unreadable screens on some types of machines.

The user interaction has been enhanced by using an Accept
button field in the Login Data and the Password Expired forms.
This makes it more intuitive that the form as a whole must be

A RRS (Registration Reminder Screen) has been added. This
small window will contain the name of the company and/or
department for registered users.

An installation batch file has been added. Not that
installation has been difficult, but this will save some time
and make an eventual update easier to do.

The file has been optimized. So it's even smaller
then it was before. There are however no functional
differences between (1.0) and (1.1).
The two versions can be mixed.

The fslogin.ovl has been optimized as well. Despite the added
code for the accept button it is about 10 kb smaller.

From 1.1 to 1.2 May 1993
This version comes in two languages now, English and Dutch.
Choosing a language is a matter of installing the right
support files. The INSTALL.BAT file has been changed to do

The documentation and help file have been changed to reflect
the membership of the Association of Shareware Professionals

The keyboard buffer is cleared at the very beginning of the
program, thus preventing some 'stuff' to go into the form

A bug has been resolved regarding the setting of the SYS:LOGIN
directory to the first network drive. This could occur when
the first network drive was not mapped to the default server
but to another (attached) server.

The Alt_F10 key has been disabled. The Alt-F10 is a standard
C-Worthy function to exit a program, but there is no way I
could assign an errorlevel to it.

From 1.2 to 1.2a June 1993
A new palette has been defined for monochrome VGA displays. It
now looks as it should be.

Support for the Novell Security fase 1 enhancement has been

(c) Confirm 1993, All Rights Reserved. June 1993

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Archive   : FSL12A.ZIP
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