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RPLFIX is used to allow workstations to remote program load (RPL) properly
with MS DOS 5.x and above. This utility must be run after the boot image file
(usually NET$DOS.SYS) has been created using the DOSGEN utility. RPLFIX will
directly modify the boot image file; the boot image file's size and last
modified date will be different after RPLFIX has been run. RPLFIX only needs
to be run against the boot image file once. Attempts to run RPLFIX against an
already modified boot image file are detected by the utility, and no further
modifications will be made to the boot image file.

Follow the instructions for DOSGEN (setting up remote reset workstations)
in the Novell reference manuals. For NetWare v2.x, this information can be
found in Chapter 9 of the "Supervisor Guide", or Chapter 2 of the "Using the
Network" manual. For NetWare v3.x, this information is found in Appendix D
of the Installation manual. After performing all steps as outlined in the
appropriate manual to create the boot image file, run RPLFIX.COM.

The remote workstation will likely hang during the reset process if you are
resetting using DOS 5.x or above and the boot image file has not been modified

RPLFIX can be found on the WSGEN diskette, or in the WSGEN subdirectory if you
are installing using a network drive. After you have located RPLFIX.COM, map
a drive to the LOGIN subdirectory on the file server you wish to remote reset
from. The DOSGEN procedure instructed you to create a boot image file in that
subdirectory (usually named NET$DOS.SYS). If the drive you mapped to SYS:LOGIN
was drive F, then you would enter the following:


RPLFIX only needs to be run if the version of DOS loaded on the floppy disk
used with DOSGEN is 5.x or greater. Earlier versions of DOS do not require
that this utility be run.

NOTE: If you renamed your boot image file, then you must use the new filename
with RPLFIX:


where [d:] is the drive letter where the image file is located, and image file> is the name of the file created with the DOSGEN utility.

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