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This DOSODIWS.DOC accompanies DOSUP8.EXE which includes the ODI Token-Ring
workstation drivers for Netware 2.1x, 2.15c, 2.2, 3.1,and 3.11. The
following files accompany this revision:

IPXODI.COM 30,247 10-07-93 4:52p
LANSUP.COM 21,943 2-02-93 11:54a
LSL.COM 17,805 9-10-93 3:50p
TOKEN.COM 27,381 4-12-93 6:27p
DOSODIWS DOC (this file)

The DOS ODI shells provide functionality to Netware and network
computing environments by supporting multiple protocols and multiple LAN
adapters in a single workstation.

ODI (Open Data-Link Interface) creates a "logical network board" to
allow multiple frame formats over one network board and wire.

Both LAN drivers support RPL, Source Routing, and a 4K packet size.

These LAN drivers are part of the ODI shell, they require no shell
generation. They load with the following drivers in the following order.

The ODI shell will load any legally configured parameters from the
SHELL.CFG or NET.CFG files. NET.CFG file is an enhanced SHELL.CFG file and
supports additional parameters. Any options available in the SHELL.CFG file
can be incorporated in the NET.CFG file. Options from both files will be
loaded by the shell. If you wish to incorporate the SHELL.CFG file into the
NET.CFG file, place the appropriate SHELL.CFG commands LEFT JUSTIFIED at the
beginning of the NET.CFG file. (See the sample NET.CFG file, located later
in this document, as a guide.) - This is the Native Token-Ring driver for the DOS workstation.
This driver MUST be used WITHOUT the IBM Lan Support program. defaults to a 4K packet size unless your lan board
has 8KB of shared RAM then it will default to a 2K packet
size. will utilize the following parameters in the
NET.CFG: Node Address, Slot (microchannel only), Frame,
Protocol, Alternate, and Max Frame Size. - This is the client Token-Ring driver for the DOS workstation.
This driver MUST be used with the IBM LAN Support program. defaults to a 1K packet size. will
utilize the following parameters in the NET.CFG: Frame,
Protocol, Saps, Link Stations, Alternate, and Max Frame Size.

The following NET.CFG file is a SAMPLE only to show the basic format of
the file. Most settings are at default. Please refer to the Novell ODI
shell for DOS booklet part #100-000871-001 for further information on
individual parameters.

Sample NET.CFG


BIND Token
Node Address 12D43
Slot 2
Frame Token-Ring
Link Stations 1
Max Frame Size = 2168

When calculating the Max Frame Size the value must be a multiple of 8.
It must include the number of bytes for the data packet, for adapter overhead
(6 bytes), and for the largest possible header (currently, 35 bytes LAN
header + 5 bytes SNAP header + 74 bytes protocol header = 114 bytes).

If the line speed is 16 Mbps, the value of Max Frame Size must be
between 632 and 17960. If the line speed is 4Mbps, the value of Max Frame
Size must be between 632 and 4464.

If you want to use a 2KB packet size, the Max Frame Size will be
calculated as follows:
2048 + 6 + 114 = 2168

Then round up to the nearest multiple of 8: 2168

Although Max Frame Size can be configured for frame sizes larger than
4KB tests show no significant improvement in performance when a frame size
is larger than 4216 bytes.


Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to
any NetWare software, and specifically disclaims any express or
implied warranties of merchantability, title, or fitness for a
particular purpose.

Distribution of any NetWare software is forbidden without the
express written consent of Novell, Inc. Further, Novell reserves
the right to discontinue distribution of any NetWare software.

Novell is not responsible for lost profits or revenue, loss of use
of the software, loss of data, costs of re-creating lost data, the
cost of any substitute equipment or program, or claims by any party
other than you. Novell strongly recommends a backup be made before
any software is installed. Technical support for this software
may be provided at the discretion of Novell.

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