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Compiled by [x]CheckBox Software

WAVE-PAK is a collection of .WAV format sounds for Microsoft Windows 3.1
or higher.

CheckBox Software makes absolutely no claim of copyright to these
sounds. All were previously available publicly on various pay services
(such as CompuServe and GEnie) and public BBS systems. All we have done
is convert them from their original Macintosh, Atari ST, Sounder, and
Wired for Sound formats to the .WAV format.

Most were sampled at 11khz, though some were sampled at lower or higher


ALIVE.WAV- "She's alive! Alive!" from Bride of Frankenstein
AFFAIR.WAV- Sound effect from "A Current Affair" TV show, good startup
AND-NOW.WAV- Monty Python's "And now for something completely different"
APPLAUSE.WAV- A generous round of applause
ATTACK.WAV- "All hands to battlestations..." etc. from Star Trek
AWW.WAV- Bart Simpson pouts, "Awwww..."
BART.WAV- Homer Simpson yells, "Bart!" - great beep
BATMAN.WAV- Batman and Robin start up the Batmobile and drive off
BEAM.WAV- "Scotty, beam me up" from Star Trek
BEBACK.WAV- Arnold says, "I'll be back." Great exit sound
BLOOP.WAV- Weird cartoon sound effect, good beep
BLOWS.WAV- Letterman: "This place blows!"
BULLWINK.WAV- Bullwinkle: "Hello out there in TV land!"
BUTTER.WAV- Bart: "Nobody'd better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!"
BUYCHEES.WAV- "I want to buy some cheese!" from Monty Python


C3PO.WAV- C3PO from Star Wars says "Oh, swich off!" to R2D2
CAPNLOG.WAV- Captain Kirk gives a Captain's Log entry
CATCALL.WAV- Cat calls, hoots, whistles, screaming
CHEERUP.WAV- Bart: "C'mon man, I'll cheer you up."
CIRCLE-K.WAV- "Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K" from Bill & Ted
CIRCUS.WAV- Dave Letterman: "My parents were circus people."
CLINT.WAV- Clint Eastwood: "Go ahead, make my day."
COPIES.WAV- Guy from Saturday Night Live: "Making copies!"
CYLON.WAV- Cylon from Battlestar Galactica: "By your command"
DEADJIM.WAV- "He's dead, Jim" from Star Trek
DISCHORD.WAV- Cartoon sound effect of getting hit on head, great beep
DONAHUE.WAV- "What the hell is up with Letterman's shoes? Next Donahue."
DONTPITY.WAV- "I don't want your pity," says Lisa Simpson
DRUMS.WAV- Drum beat from Miami Vice
ENRICO.WAV- "It's Enrico Pullazo!" from Naked Gun
EXPLODE.WAV- A good explosion


FALLEN.WAV- "I've fallen - and I can't get up!"
FANFARE.WAV- Trumpet fanfare
FERRIS.WAV- From Ferris Bueller: "Ferris Bueller's on line two..."
HAHA.WAV- Insane laugh
HAL.WAV- "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" from 2001
HARP.WAV- Strumming a harp
HIMAN!.WAV- Bart: "Hi, man!"
HOMEY.WAV- "Homey don't play that!" from In Living Color
HUMOR.WAV- Bart: "Where's your sense of humor, man?"
IMBATMAN.WAV- From Batman movie: "What are you?" "I'm Batman!"
INTERCOM.WAV- Intercom whistle from Star Trek
JANE.WAV- "Jane, you ignorant slut!" from old Saturday Night Live
KABOOM.WAV- "Where's the kaboom?", etc. Cartoon sound clip
KINISON.WAV- The late, great Sam Kinison's famous scream
LEGHORN.WAV- Long sound clip from Foghorn Leghorn cartoon
LENNON.WAV- "How did you find America?" Lennon: "Turn left at Greenland"
MCCOY.WAV- McCoy: "Spock! Do something!" Good for Critical Stop
MISSION.WAV- The opening from Mission Impossible
NEUTRAL.WAV- "Warning, we have entered Neutral Zone" from Star Trek 2


OHYEAH.WAV- "Oh yeah, easy" says Bart
OKIEDOKE.WAV- Bart: "Okie-dokie"
PARTYON.WAV- Bill and Ted - "Party on, dudes!"
PHONE.WAV- Electronic phone ringing
PUMP.WAV- "We want to pump you up!" from Saturday Night Live
PURE.WAV- Sound clip from "Pure Energy" song with Mr. Spock
REDALERT.WAV- The red alert klaxon from Star Trek - good beep
ROBOT1.WAV- Robot from Lost in Space: "I am sorry"
ROBOT2.WAV- Robot: "Questions, questions!", great Question sound
ROBOT3.WAV- Robot: "Watch it, Will Robinson"
RODNEY.WAV- Dangerfield: "...Wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?"
SAYIT.WAV- Bart: "Don't make me say it!"
SCOTTY.WAV- Scotty: "Cap'n, we're losing power in the warp engines"
SISTER.WAV- Marge Simpson: "Be nice to your sister."
ST-TNG.WAV- Star Trek: The Next Generation theme song
STEIN.WAV- Letterman says, "Steinbrenner sucks!"
STIMPY.WAV- Good sound clip from Ren and Stimpy cartoon
STOOGES.WAV- "Nyuk, Nyuk" and other good Three Stooges stuff
STUFF.WAV- Letterman: "...this stuff in lieu of actual entertainment."


TURNER.WAV- Kathleen Turner: "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"
TOPWORLD.WAV- "Top of the world, ma! Top of the world!"
TREKDOOR.WAV- Star Trek sound effect of sliding doors opening
VADER.WAV- Darth Vader says, "Leave that to me."
VISTA.WAV- Arnold says, "Hasta la vista, baby!" - good exit sound
WAKKA.WAV- "Wakka-naka-besi" from AT&T commercial
WARGAMES.WAV- Joshua from Wargames: "Shall we play a game?"
WEASEL.WAV- Letterman: "You weasels!"
YABBA.WAV- Fred Flintstone's classic: "Yabba dabba do!" Great startup
YESOKAY.WAV- Goofy guy says, "Yes - Okay."


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