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SEDIT defaults to irq 7. You can change this value by adding
the following parameter after SEDIT :

SEDIT /irq



We STRONGLY recommend the use of some disk-caching program
like "hyperdisk" or "smartdrv.sys". This is because SEDIT uses
an overlay-file (sedit.ovr), which means that many functions
will be accessed through disk-I/O.

There are some graphics-routines in SEDIT which require a
'fast' machine to work properly. This means that you get the
best results with a 12Mhz machine or faster. If you try to use
SEDIT on a slower machine, don't look surprised when SEDIT hangs
your system.

AND : you need that cutie little beast-on-a-wire (also known
as a MOUSE). Whithout that, don't bother executing SEDIT.


Always keep all the files which belong to SEDIT in ONE directory.
When using the help-function or the overlay file, SEDIT searches
for these files (sedit.ovr, sedit.hlp and sedit.lib) in the
directory you have executed SEDIT.



This software is spread by ULTRAFORCE DEVELOPMENT. If you want
to know more about future releases, our other products or if
you have suggestions for- or questions about SEDIT, write to
the programmers (ULTRAFORCE will NOT answer your mail
concerning this program).
You can leave a message on the ULTRAFORCE BBS :
(+031) (0)70-3585109 to "jeroen koomen" or "eric soonius".