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Re: ³ Python Sound System 1.1 by Andreas B”hm ³
Purpose: Play Amiga *.MOD music files on a PC.

Requirements: SoundBlaster, VGA, Mouse (installed, or else...!)

Instructions: (I'm including these because it was not entirely obvious,
when I first got this started, just how to make noise
come out.)
- Execute PYTHON.exe
- turn on Spectrum Analyzer (click button at top left of
top module)
- click "Load" (lower module, you have to go around the
display areas)
- click on drive and/or directory and/or file name(s)
- click on "Exit"
- click on "Next" (file name appears in window)
- click on "Play"
- you may find that the volume controls on the top module
have to be twiddled a bit to hear anything, but this
does not always happen.
- for further instructions, click on one of the "PYTHON"
buttons (middle or lower module). Click it again to
get out of help mode.

Comments: On first trying this "sound system" (Jan 16/92) I was
slightly disappointed to find that the display was a bit
hard to see due to severe garbling of the image (this
was using an ATI VGA Wonder card). In other words, it
did not work.

I decided to do something about this, and this slightly
modified version is the result.

I realize that I am probably stepping out of line by
doing this without A.'s permission, but not knowing how
to get in touch with A. B”hm to suggest the possible fix
presented here, I have decided to risk it. After all,
it is still A.'s program, and just might work on a few
more systems.

My appologies to A. if this is unacceptable.

Changes: In the subroutine used to switch video modes:
Was: MOV DX,03C4h Is: MOV DX,03C4h
MOV AL,04h MOV AX,0604h
. .
. .
. .
MOV DX,03C2h DEC DX (just to make up
DEC DX the space)

Dylan MacHattie
CIS [73227,2036]
or, more frequently, on Canada Remote Systems
(via USENET [email protected])