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String Quintet in E-flat Major, K.614

Part 1 - Transcribed by Nelson Ford

This music file may be copied for others so long as no changes are made in the
music file and no information is deleted from this doc file and that this doc
file and the music file are copied together.

I am not thrilled with the sound of the violins/strings in this piece, but
haven't been able to improve them with Instrument Maker.

If you think you have improvements to this ROL, please write/call me or just
write them up in a note at the end of this file, but do not change the ROL
file. Having a dozen versions of the every music file because someone changes
an instrument or two and re-uploads it is just junking up the bbs's and
detracts from the time and effort that went into the original file.

If you are a sysop, please keep an eye out for the following files:

MULL - "Mull Of Kintyre"
WILLTELL - "William Tell Overture"
BUMBLE-B - "Flight of the Bumblebee"
THECHAIN - "The Chain"

The above are arrangements that I have done on the Ad Lib and each of which
should have a doc file (and possibly some INS files) archived with it. If your
BBS has one of these files and not the complete archive, you can send a
formattted disk and self-addressed, stamped mailer to the address below to get
the original files. (How about putting some music files on the disk that you

This is only the first part of K.614. The sheet music is more than 25 pages
long, and I've gotten through page 3-1/2. If you want to hear more, keep an eye
on IBMNEW on CompuServe or contact -

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only the best files to add to those already in the PsL. We now have about 15
disks crammed with only the best Ad Lib music files and utilities. We also have
MIDI music files and utilities.

If you would like a copy of our rating list (it shows the ones to avoid, too),
or would like to submit a file to the PsL, send a disk to the address above
You can also upload music files to IBMNEW of CompuServe and I will pick them
up there.

PsL also has a lengthy article all about making music on the PC. Call or write
for a free copy.

We also sell a complete range of music add-on's for the PC, including Covox, Ad
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