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Last Update: 14-Feb-91

Copyright (c) 1991, Data Assist, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

This document provides tips on converting images from other
products to a format compatible with our PC-QUIZZER, MOSAIX and
MVP programs.

If you have additions or corrections to this document, please
mail us a note or send mail to the SYSOP on our BBS.
BBS #: (614-888-8056)

Converting GIF Files

GIF is Compuserve's Graphics Interchange Format. There are
several hundred high quality, color pictures available in the
Compuserve Picture Forum. Many of these pictures are also
available on various BBS systems and through Shareware vendors.

Use any GIF display program to display the picture. Then use
ARGUS to convert the picture into a PCX file.

PC Paintbrush IV & IV+

The PCX files created by these ZSoft products are compatible with
our software. Keep in mind that some video modes may not be
compatible with certain versions of our software.

PC Paint Plus

Create a picture using PC Paint Plus. Use the Tools Option: Show
Screen to view the picture. Capture the picture using ARGUS.


Pictor is the paint program that comes with GRASP from Paul Mace
Software. The EGA and VGA mode PCX files created by Pictor are
compatible with MVP, however their CGA pictures are not stored
properly. Use ARGUS to capture CGA screens directly from Pictor!

Note: Prior to version 3.5, Pictor did not create valid 256 color
PCX files. To create a 256 color PCX file, first use Pictor and
create a PIC file. Exit Pictor and use SHOWPIC to display the
picture. Use ARGUS to convert the picture into a useable PCX


Create a picture using Splash! Save the picture as a .SS file.
Use the SHOWSS program to display the picture and capture it
using ARGUS.


Create a picture using ColoRIX. Save the picture as a .SCI file.
Use the RIXLATE program to display the picture and capture it
using ARGUS.

Deluxe Paint II

For EGA pictures: Create a picture using Deluxe Paint II. Save
the picture as a LBM file. Use their CONVERT utility to convert
the LBM file to a PCX file.

Example: convert -d puzzle.lbm -p3 puzzle.pcx

This procedure does not work for 256 color VGA pictures.

Deluxe Paint II Enhanced

The PCX files created by DPII-E are compatible with our products.

Dr. Halo III

Create a PIC file using DRHALO. Use their PRESENTS program to
display the picture and capture using ARGUS.

GEM Draw Plus

Create a picture using GEM Draw Plus. Select the 'To Output' menu
option. Output the picture to the screen and capture using ARGUS.


VGACAD is a Shareware paint program created by Lawrence Gozum and
Marvin Gozum, MD. Create a picture using VGACAD. Save the picture
as a .BLD file. Use the MVGAVU program to display the picture and
capture it using ARGUS.

VGA Paint

You may use ARGUS to capture a picture directly from the VGA
Paint screen. Hint: If you press Alt-Ctrl-G just after pressing
the left mouse button, the mouse cursor will be invisible in the
captured image.


Create and save the picture using PC-Key-Draw. Press F8 O (the
capital letter O) to invoke the picture view option. Press the
space bar until the desired picture is shown. Press Alt-Ctrl-G to
capture the picture with ARGUS.

Logitech PaintShow-Plus / ScanMan Scanner

Scan an image using the Logitech ScanMan Scanner. Use the
Logitech PS-Plus paint program to display the image and capture
using ARGUS. Do not use the TIF2PCX conversion utility provided
by Logitech. This utility will not create a compatible PCX file.

Computer Eyes

Computer Eyes is a video capture board available from Digital
Vision. Create a .CE file using the EYES program. Use the Digital
Vision VIEW program to view the .CE file and capture with ARGUS.
This procedure works for both VGA and EGA pictures.

Jovian Logic VIA & SYLVIA

Jovian's 256 color PCX file format is not compatible with MVP.
Use VU.COM to grab a video image. Store the image in .VI format.
Exit VU.COM, then use SHOW to display the .VI file. Capture the
image using ARGUS.

One customer reports that VIAPC Ver 1.3 creates 256 color PCX
files that work just fine. We have not tested these files.

Other Paint Programs

Most paint programs have an option that enables you to view a
picture without showing all the icons and tools. Use this
capability to display a picture and capture using ARGUS. ARGUS
will save the image as a PCX file in the correct format.