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MIDPAK - Midi Sound Driver of the Gods.

developed by:
John W. Ratcliff, President, THE Audio Solution, Inc.
John Miles, President, Miles Design, Inc.
George Sanger, Industry computer musician, 'The Fat Man'
MIDPAK/DIGPAK demo program written by David E. Metzener

THE Audio Solution is pleased to announce the release of MIDPAK v1.0.
MIDPAK comprises a set of MIDI music drivers under DOS which provide
MIDI music output on all Roland systems, and Roland emulation for the
Adlib, SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro, and the ProAudio spectrum. Tandy
and IBM PC speaker MIDI music playback is implemented with limited
output channels.

MIDPAK incorporates the MIDI music drivers developed by Miles Design,
Inc. These drivers are used by virtually every MS-DOS game publisher,
having been featured in the most technically advanced games on the
market. MIDPAK provides a simple and easy to use programmer's interface
that allows MIDI music playback from either the DOS command line or from
within your own software with a single procedure call.

Roland emulation is enhanced due to a custom instrument file designed by
computer musician George Sanger, 'The Fat Man', premier producer of
custom music and sounds for the game industry. This instrument file
defines a set of waveforms that model as closely as possible all 127
base Roland melodic instruments as well as all Roland percussives.

MIDPAK is fully compatible with THE Audio Solution's v1.1 release of
DIGPAK, providing digitized sound playback on all PC hardware platforms
with simultaneous MIDI music output. MIDPAK is available for $149.95
from THE Audio Solution and comes with all music drivers, custom
instrument file, DOS utilities, programmers documentation, example MIDI
files, and source code examples. Reasonable licensing fees for
commercial distribution.

THE Audio Solution is the leading provider of DOS based music and sound
programming tools. THE Audio Solution's DIGPAK was developed by
computer game author John W. Ratcilff, author of 688 Attack Sub and an
entire line of multimedia education products. DIGPAK is now being used
in computer game and multimedia products from Electronic Arts, The
Software Toolworks, Strategic Simulations Inc. and many others. The
MIDI music drivers in MIDPAK were developed by John Miles, lead
programmer for Origin System's Ultima V, and now responsible for MIDI
music programming for most US game companies. THE Audio Solution is
commited to providing powerful tools for sound and music programming,
supporting a wide range of multimedia product development.

THE Audio Solution
P.O. Box 11688
Clayton, MO 63105


DIGPAK - THE Standard for PC digitized sound

DIGPAK - THE Standard for PC digitized sound
Add the power of digitized sound to your DOS applications. Use sound to
enhance entertainment products, multimedia applications, user
interfaces, on-line help systems, and even voice e-mail applications.

You can use DIGPAK to play back sound effects on any kind of PC audio
hardware, through batch files, at the DOS prompt, or from within your
own programs. Using the audio compression and decompression utilities
you can easily upload and download audio files over a telephone modem!

Supports all 3rd party hardware sound boards, as well as the internal
IBM speaker, with high quality digitized sound. Provides audio
compression and decompression utilities with source code. Loadable
driver approach provides a simple programmers interface to produce
clean, clear, digitized sound on all hardware platforms. Only THE Audio
Solution provides a SIMPLE and COMPLETE solution for producing digitized
sound output, and audio compression and decompression, for todays
advanced PC products.

FatClips Audio disks represent a collection of sampled music and
digitized sound effects created by The FatMan, George Sanger, producer
of the music for Origin Systems "Wing Commander", and MT-32 arrangements
for Lucasfilm Games' "Loom"

DIGPAK is currently used already in use in the following products:

Strategic Simulations, Inc.'s
Gateway To The Savage Frontier
Pools of Darkness
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball
(and future products)

Software Toolworks'
Chessmaster 3000
(and future products)

Milliken Publishing Company's
Milliken Storyteller
Marvin The Moose
Math Zone
(and future products)


14 sound drivers, all sound drivers resident size under 2k.

DOS tools to do the following:

PLAY Play sound effects of any size from the DOS
prompt or from within a batch file.

ACOMP Standardized audio compression utility.
Can compress audio files of any size!
Achieves between 1.5:1 and 3:1 compression
on music and as high as 6:1 compression on
human voice.

UCOMP Decompress ACOMP compressed audio files.

MIX Mix two sound files together into one.

SPLIT Break large sound files apart into smaller
more manageable pieces.

CSAMP Change sampling rates of a sound file.

WRIMAGE A colorful educational and entertaining word game.
Supports up to four players, full of humorous
sound effects. More than 3,000 word, word list!
Plus add spelling lists from your children's
school assignments. (Like Wheel of Fortune)

SOUND EFFECTS: 75 free sound effects!


DOCUMENTATION: Complete documentation on how to use DIGPAK inside
your own application software.

SOURCE CODE: Source code examples and linkable object modules
to access sound playback and audio decompression
from within your software.

Driver Manufacturer Operation Resolution
IBMSND Internal Speaker FOREGROUND 6 bit
IBMBAK Internal Speaker BACKGROUND 6 bit
CVXSND Covox Speech Thing BACKGROUND 8 bit
VMSND Covox Voice Master BACKGROUND 8 bit
SMSND Covox Sound Master BACKGROUND 8 bit
SBLASTER Creative Labs Sound Blaster BACKGROUND 8 bit/DMA
ADLIB Adlib Personal Music System BACKGROUND 8 bit
DIGISP Digispeech Adaptor Board FOREGROUND 8 bit
SOURCE Walt Diseney Sound Source BACKGROUND 8 bit
ECHOII Street Electronics Echo II BACKGROUND 8 bit
LANTSND Lantastic Voice Adaptor BACKGROUND 8 bit
PAUDIO Media Vision ProAudio BACKGROUND 8 bit/DMA

* FatClips Audio Disk 1: Sound Effects and the hit song 'Beat-A-Way'. *
* All sound effects Copyright (c) 1991, George Alistar Sanger, The Fat Man*
[APPLAUSE.SND] Applause [WHITE.ABT] The White Zone
[DOORBELL.SND] Doorbell [SMOKE.ABT] Smoke That Stuff
[PARTY.SND] Party [FORMAT.ABT] Format Hard Disk
[RADIAL.SND] Radial Saw [BUSY.SND] Busy Signal
[CARSTART.ABT] Car Starting [NOT.ABT] Not!
[OUCH.ABT] Ouch [SHOES.SND] Horseshoes
[OVENDOOR.ABT] Oven Door [GRENADE.ABT] Hand Grenade

* FatClips Audio Disk 2: Containing FatMusic! *
* All music & sndfx Copyright (c) 1991, George Alistar Sanger, The Fat Man*
Brain Race To Terror
Up To Business 'requires more than 520k free DOS memory to play'
Southern Slide
Hip Chords
'Marvin The Moose' Theme Song

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