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Trio Sonata No. 1 in E flat major by Johann Sebastian Bach- BWV 525
Written in Liepzig, Germany between 1727 and 1730

Sequenced with Cakewalk Pro 4.0 in July 1992 by Michael Gedz

The six Trio Sonatas for organ are some of the best known of Bach's
works. Each is written in 3 parts, with three movements. Each of the voices
should be of equal intensity, but of contrasting character. Although for
the organ, the trios sound good with almost any combination of instruments.
This E flat Trio has a quiet second movement, so find some nice quiet
kind of patches for it. The first and third movements move right along so
mess around and see what you like best. There are patch changes in each
track at the beginning of each movement - they work with my setup - might
be awful with yours.
This sequence is not quantized, so please forgive the sloppiness-
I think it sounds better than being too mechanical, as well as more
artistically correct. I recorded the parts one at a time, playing along with
the previously recorded track. I then went back and corrected the note
errors, and cleaned up some of the timing. Hope you enjoy.

Please send along comments (bad too).
Michael Gedz, Compuserve 76130,744