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SimpleDocs for the Roland GS Editor for Windows Friday, July 10th 1992

The áeta version of this program comes to you in one ZIP files.
In it you should find the following files

MMSYSEX.DLL - contains some MIDI sysex functions
GS.EXE - the executable file
GS.INI - text file with start-up parameters
READ.ME - this file

What you don't get is:

VBRUN100.DLL - Runtime library, you _must_ have this file when
you want to start GS.EXE. Most people already
have it, so it was not included in the ZIP file
to avoid unnecessary downloads. Most BBS'es have
it in a separate ZIP file (approx 150 Kb).

Copy all files to a subdirectory (i.e. C:\GS)
Move files VBRUN100.DLL and MMSYSEX.DLL to your Windows system subdirectory
Edit file GS.INI so that all parameters are correct for your setup.
In this version the MIDI setup of your Windows installation will be used.
Port addresses should therefore be setup with the Windows Control Panel.

All functions available in this á release should be bug-free.
Menu options that are shaded were not ready at the time of this release.
Please report any bugs, errors, mistakes etc. to the author.
Include a full report of what you did when the error occurred.
The address can be found on the About screen of the Librarian

If you want to use the MIDI functions then you _must_ run this program
under Windows 3.1 because it uses functions from MMSYSTEM.DLL.

Future features:
- Documentation
- .... (Put your suggestions here)

Hope to get some response, Ren‚ di Giovanni. 😉
You can leave me mail on MIDILink