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SY77.DK Help File

Loading in the file SY77.DK will setup Band-in-a-Box for the Yamaha
SY77 multi-timbral synthesizer.

It will setup:
1. Drum #'s for the Yamaha SY77 synthesizer(Drum 1 Preset 2,D15).
2. Patch Map (assigned to factory settings of the SY77's first 64 sounds).
3. Startup Patches and Channels in the Midi Settings Window.

The SY/TG series of synths and synth modules are 8 part multi-timbral
(8 instruments at once).

Note that due to the BANK layout of the SY77, we were only able to select
the first 64 patchs(voices) of Bank A for implementation to the General Midi
Patch Map in Band-in-a-Box. If you choose not to use this map, you'll have
to disable Patch changes under the MIDI pull down menu(Midi Settings).

To setup your SY77 do the following:

Go to MIDI utility job directory(Jump#806). Select 02:Program Change(Jump
#808). Using the (+1 YES) key select NORMAL. This will enable your SY77 to
receive Program Changes from Band-in-a-Box. You may now proceed
to loading SY77.DK under the MIDI pulldown menu (Load Alternate Drum/Midi
Set). Select MULTI mode on your synth so it will receive all 8 of the
instruments being sent to it from Band-in-a-Box.

Once you've loaded the DK files, you are ready to start having
fun with Band-in-a-Box!
Have Fun!