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/ Bugler's Holiday
/ by Leroy Anderson
M1 *I4S14I64 [email protected] [email protected]
M2 *I6S46I8$ [email protected]$I0& [email protected]$I2& [email protected]$+3#
M3 *I6S46I86 [email protected] [email protected]$I+1 [email protected]+4
M4 *I8S68IA$ [email protected]$I6 [email protected]$I0
M5 *I$S68IB8 V2*Q$6 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]+1

M6 *IAS87I8B V2*I5$$6 [email protected] [email protected]+1 [email protected]$$8
M7 *IA8B8 V2*56Q6 [email protected]$I3 [email protected]$I+1
M8 *IA8$$ V2*56 [email protected]$I3$ [email protected]$I+4 [email protected]$I1 [email protected]$I+1
M9 *I4$7 V2*2$2 [email protected]
M10 *I9$QB V2*I4$Q6 [email protected]
M11 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]

M12 *IA987 V2*5432 [email protected]
M13 *I4$6$ V2*3$3 [email protected]
M14 *I8$QA V2*I2$Q5 [email protected]
M15 *S9494I98 V2*Q$I$3 [email protected]
M16 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M17 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]

M18 *I9$QB V2*I4$Q6& [email protected]
M19 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]
M20 *IA987 V2*H5 [email protected]
M21 *S4343Q4 V2*Q$3 [email protected]
M22 *I4~568 V2*H3~ [email protected]
M23 *H7 V2*H2 [email protected]

M24 *I7~$Q4 V2*I2~$Q-1 [email protected]$A [email protected]$$Q3 V4*$3
M25 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]
M26 *I9$QB V2*I4$Q6 [email protected]
M27 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]
M28 *I1987 V2*5432 [email protected]
M29 *4$6$ V2*3$3 [email protected]

/ PAGE 2

M30 *I8$QA V2*I3$Q5 [email protected]
M31 *S9494I98 V2*Q$I$3 [email protected]
M32 *H7 V2*H2 [email protected]
M33 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]
M34 *I9$QB V2*I4$Q6& [email protected]
M35 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]

M36 *IA987 V2*H5 [email protected]
M37 *S4343Q4 V2*$3 [email protected]
M38 *I4~568 V2*H3~ [email protected]
M39 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M40 *I7~$I.9S9 V2*I2~ [email protected]
M41 *QBI.7S7

M42 *Q9I.4S4
M43 *H6& V2*2 [email protected] [email protected]$1&$1
M44 *I6&~BBA V2*2~S97I98 [email protected] [email protected]$1&$1
M45 *I9A98 V2*S74I87S6&2 [email protected] [email protected]$1&$1
M46 *I78I76 V2*56&S52I4 [email protected] [email protected]$1&$1
M47 *H5 V2*3 [email protected]&I1%0

M48 *I5~$I.7S7 V2*I3~ [email protected]$
M49 *QAI.5S5
M50 *Q7I.3S3
M51 *H5& V2*3 [email protected]&62 [email protected]$0$0
M52 *I5~AA9 V2*I3~S5&3I5 [email protected]&62 [email protected]$0$0
M53 *I8987 V2*S53I55&S53 [email protected]&42 [email protected]$0$0

M54 *I5787 V2*Q$S53I5 [email protected]&020 [email protected]$+1$+1
M55 *I4S14I64 [email protected] [email protected]
M56 *I6S46I86 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]+1
M57 *I8S68IA8 [email protected]$I3 [email protected]$I1 [email protected]$I+1 [email protected]$+3
M58 *IAS8AIB$ [email protected]$I3 [email protected]$1 [email protected]$I+1 [email protected]$+3
M59 *IB$E$ V2*I4$7 [email protected] V4*9$9

M60 *^+4IC$E^+0$ V2*9$B$ [email protected] V4*IB$D
M61 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]
M62 *I1987 V2*5432 [email protected]
M63 *IB$D$ V2*4$6 [email protected] V4*A$A
M64 *^+2ID$F^+0$ V2*8$A [email protected] V4*A$C
M65 *S9494I98 V2*Q$I$3 [email protected]

/ PAGE 3

M66 *H7 V2*H2 [email protected]
M67 *IB$E$ V2*4$7 [email protected] V4*9$9
M68 *^+4IC$E^+0 V2*9$B$ [email protected] V4*D$D
M69 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]
M70 *IA987 V2*H5 [email protected]
M71 *S4343Q3 V2*Q$4 [email protected]

M72 *H3~ V2*I4~568 [email protected]
M73 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M74 *I7~$Q4 V2*I2~$Q-1 [email protected]$Q3 V4*Q$3 [email protected]$A
M75 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]
M76 *I9$QB V2*I4$Q6 [email protected]
M77 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]

M78 *IA987 V2*5432 [email protected]
M79 *4$6$ V2*3$3 [email protected]
M80 *I8$QA V2*I3$Q5 [email protected]
M81 *S9494I98 V2*Q$I$3 [email protected]
M82 *H7 V2*H2 [email protected]
M83 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]

M84 *I9$QB V2*I4$Q6& [email protected]
M85 *SA5A5IAA V2*Q$I$5 [email protected]
M86 *IA987 V2*H5 [email protected]
M87 *S4343Q4 V2*$3 [email protected]
M88 *I4~568 V2*H3~ [email protected]
M89 *H7 V2*H2 [email protected]
M90 *I7~$$$ V2*2~ [email protected]

M91 *I.0S1I21 [email protected]
M92 *[email protected]% [email protected]$$8%
M93 @I1&23$ [email protected]&9A
M94 @$456 [email protected]$BCD
M95 @7$$$ [email protected]
M96 *Q$I7$ V2*Q$I2 [email protected]$IE [email protected]$I6 [email protected]$I7

/ PAGE 4

M97 *I77A5 V2*S$5I$5 [email protected]$E$ [email protected]
M98 *I57I33 V2*$5S$0 [email protected]$E [email protected]~
M99 *I5003 V2*0S$-2I$-2 [email protected]$E [email protected]~
M100 *I57A7 V2*S$3$I5 [email protected]$E [email protected]
M101 *H9& V2*4 [email protected]&I47 V4*H6
M102 *H9 V2*4 [email protected] V4*H6~

M103 *I7 V2*3$$$ [email protected] V4*I5
M104 [email protected]
M105 *I77I.BSA V2*S$6$I.9S8 [email protected]
M106 *I9876 V2*7654 [email protected]
M107 *H5 V2*3 [email protected]
M108 *H5~ V2*3~ [email protected]%024

M109 *I44I.8S7 V2*S$3$I.6%S5 [email protected]%31
M110 *I6%548 V2*43Q3 [email protected]%31
M111 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M112 *I7$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]$7 V4*Q$I6 [email protected]
M113 *I77A5 V2*S$5$I5S$3 [email protected]$E [email protected]
M114 *I5733 V2*$5S$0 [email protected]$E [email protected]~

M115 *I5003 V2*0S$-2I$-2 [email protected]$E [email protected]~
M116 *S53I7A7 V2*Q$5 [email protected]$E [email protected]~
M117 *H9& V2*4 [email protected]&I47 V4*H5
M118 *H9& V2*4 [email protected] V4*H5~
M119 *I7$$$ V2*2& [email protected]&I4B V4*I5
M120 [email protected]

M121 *IAAI.8S9 V2*S$8$Q6 [email protected]
M122 *IABCB V2*H7# [email protected]
M123 *HA V2*7% [email protected]#
M124 *HA~ V2*6% [email protected]%56
M125 *I77I.5S6& V2*S$5$Q3 [email protected]
M126 *I789&8 V2*H5 [email protected]#040

M127 *H7 V2*3%~ [email protected]% V4*H6
M128 *H7 V2*2% [email protected]&23 V4*H6~
M129 *I77A5 V2*S$5$I5S$3 [email protected] [email protected]
M130 *I5733 V2*I$5S$0 [email protected]~Q.7 [email protected]
M131 *I5003 V2*0S$-2I$-2 [email protected]& [email protected]&
M132 *I57IA$ V2*S$3I$3 [email protected]&$ [email protected]&

/ PAGE 5

M133 *I88A#5 V2*S$5$I5$3# [email protected] [email protected]
M134 *I583#3 [email protected]$3S$1 [email protected] [email protected]~
M135 *I5113 V2*3#S$-2I$-2 [email protected] [email protected]
M136 *I58A#$ V2*S$3#$5 [email protected]~I6 [email protected]~I0
M137 *I4S14I6%4 [email protected] [email protected]%
M138 *I6%s46I86 [email protected] [email protected]% [email protected]+1

M139 *I8S6%8IA8 [email protected]$I+3 [email protected]$I3 [email protected]% [email protected]+1 [email protected]+3
M140 *IAS8AIB$ [email protected]$I+3 [email protected] [email protected]% [email protected]+1 [email protected]+3
M141 *IB$E$ V2*4$7 [email protected] [email protected]$9
M142 *^+4C$E$^+0 V2*9$B [email protected] V4*IB$D
M143 *SA5A5IAA V2*I$$$5 [email protected]
M144 *A987 V2*5432 [email protected]

M145 *IB$D$ V2*4$6 [email protected] V4*IA$A
M146 *^+4B$D^+0$ V2*4$6 [email protected] V4*IA$C
M147 *S9494I98 V2$$$3 [email protected]
M148 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M149 *IB$E$ V2*4$7 [email protected] V4*I9$9
M150 *^+4C$E^+0$ V2*9$B [email protected] V4*ID$D

M151 *SA5A5IAA V2*$$$5 [email protected]

M152 *A987 V2*H5 [email protected]
M153 *S4343Q3 V2*$4 [email protected]
M154 *H3~ V2*I4~568 [email protected]
M155 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M156 *I7~$Q4 V2*I2~$Q-1 [email protected]$QA V4*Q$3

M157 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]
M158 *9$QB V2*I4$Q6 [email protected]
M159 *SA5A5IAA V2*$$$5 [email protected]
M160 *A987 V2*5432 [email protected]
M161 *4$6$ V2*3$3 [email protected]
M162 *I8$QA V2*I3$Q5 [email protected]

/ PAGE 6

M163 *S9494I98 V2$$$3 [email protected]
M164 *H7 V2*2 [email protected]
M165 *I4$7$ V2*2$2 [email protected]
M166 *9$QB V2*I4$Q6& [email protected]
M167 *SA5A5IAA V2*$$$5 [email protected]
M168 *A987 V2*H5 [email protected]

M169 *S4343Q3 V2*$4 [email protected]
M170 *H3~ V2*I4~568 [email protected]
M171 *S4242Q2 V2*$4 [email protected]+13+1
M172 *H2~ V2*I4~789 [email protected]
M173 *S4343Q3 V2*$4 [email protected]

M174 *H3~ V2*I4~89A [email protected]
M175 *HB V2*4 [email protected]&+11+1 V4*H9
M176 *IB~$AB V2*4~$34 [email protected]#20 [email protected]*I9~
M177 *ICBA9 V2*5 [email protected] V4*IA [email protected]%I0# [email protected]$I2
M178 *BA98 [email protected]~4 [email protected]~2 [email protected]%
M179 *IA%987 [email protected]# [email protected]~Q.2 [email protected]~Q.0

M180 *I8765 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]+3#
M181 *I4$I:479 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]+2
M182 *QBIBQ9I9 [email protected]~ [email protected]~ [email protected]+2~
M183 *I:7974$S:79 [email protected]+2~+2 [email protected]~3 [email protected]~0
M184 *QBIBQ9I9 [email protected]+2~ [email protected]~ [email protected]~
M185 *I:7974$S:79 [email protected]+2~+2 [email protected]~3 [email protected]~0

M186 *QB8BQ9I9 [email protected]+2~ [email protected]~ [email protected]~
M187 *I:797479 [email protected]+2 [email protected] [email protected]
M188 *I:B97979 [email protected]+2 [email protected] [email protected]
M189 *IB$B$ [email protected]+2~$3 [email protected]~$A [email protected]~ V2*Q$I6 V4*Q$IA
M190 *IBBE V2*S$9$I9S97 [email protected]$E [email protected]$7

M191 *I9B77 V2*$5S$4 [email protected]$E [email protected]$7
M192 *I9447 V2*4S$2I$2 [email protected]$$E
M193 *I224-2 V2*S$0$I$S$-1 [email protected]$IAS98
M194 *I0$$$ [email protected]
M195 *IE$$$ V2*7 [email protected] [email protected]+2 [email protected]+4 V4*9 V7*B
M196 *I0 [email protected] [email protected]