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ACCU Music System

I have enclosed some information that may be useful for adding this
program to your vendor catalog or BBS. You are free to add this program
to your catalog or BBS. If you are adding it to a catalog or user group
library, I would appreciate your letting me know. I would also
appreciate receiving a copy of the catalog issue in which it is listed
(for catalog vendors) if at all possible. If you are a RETAIL VENDOR, a
non-catalog vendor, or something out of the ordinary, please contact me
as far as distributing my program. I interested in hearing from you
about what you have to offer.

The following is a brief description of the program for your

NOTE: This program was formerly named ACCU Music Printer. It has been
renamed to ACCU Music System. Please remove any references to ACCU
Music Printer in your records.

Program Name: ACCU Music System
Version: Version 3.2
Date released: February 10, 1993
Preferred BBS Filename: AC32MUSC.ZIP


Computer: IBM or compatible
Processor: Any x86 processor (8086, 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486, etc.)
Graphics: No graphics card required
Memory: 384kb RAM required, 512kb RAM or higher recommended
Operating System: DOS version 3.3 or higher (or compatible)
Drives: Two floppy drives; or a floppy drive and a hard disk
(floppy not needed if program is already on hard


o CGA graphics card/monitor
o Printer with graphics support (i.e. not a daisy-wheel printer)
o Sound card (Adlib, Soundblaster, or compatible)
o Mouse
o Adlib .ROL file player (one such possible program is included)

Short description:
Create music, print out sheet music, transpose music, play on PC speaker
or sound card, etc.

Long description:
ACCU Music System includes everything that you need to create your own
music on your computer. It has a graphics-based (or text-based) editor
which allows you to enter notes and see them on the screen as well. It
includes a transposer which will let you change the key signature of
your music as well as raise/lower your music by half steps. It also
allows you to print out your music in traditional sheet music format.
It allows you to play your music on the PC speaker or on a sound card.
Finally, you can convert your songs to the .ROL format for distribution.
Your songs can range from simple one voice files to complex multiple-
voice songs with multiple instruments, etc. Musical entry supports
multiple key signatures, a variety of clefs (Treble, Bass, Tenor, Alto,
and Soprano), tempo changes, etc. The program includes several printer
drivers (including a laser printer driver) and has a utility for making
your own.

The registered program is identical to the unregistered program.
Registered users get the following benefits:
o Copy of the next version of the program with printed documentation
when it becomes available.
o Codes to disable the "begging screen" and the one-line registration
reminder on printouts from this and all future versions
o Ability to receive updates at a discount price

Registration costs $20.00 plus shipping/handling
U.S. orders should add $3.00 for shipping/handling.
Foreign orders should add $6.00 for shipping/handling.

This program is distributed as Shareware. Users are encouraged to
register this program. ALL features work in the shareware version.
There is a 'begging screen' when you exit the program and a one-line
registration reminder message that appears on all music printouts. The
author is a member of the ASP.

Author address: Kevin Fischer
16878 Saint James Drive
Poway, CA 92064-1137

Thank you for helping me to distribute my program. I am a member of the
ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals). Please do not hesitate to
contact me concerning version upgrades or any other matters.

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