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Multimedia bookreader for Windows from Modemnews.

Full Description of File

Upgrade to Multi-Media!
Asymetrix Toolbook Run-time that brings
Multi-Media functions to ModemNews
Magazine Issue #43 and above. This file
supersedes RTBOOK15.ZIP and should be
used in its place. It is not clear if
you will be able to run ModemNews for
Windows (#43 and above) using RTBOOK15.

File RTBK153.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Early Multimedia Files
Multimedia bookreader for Windows from Modemnews.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DESC.SDI 332 219 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 332 219 deflated
PACKLIST.TXT 1444 617 deflated
TBKBASE.DLL 353824 170607 deflated
TBKBMP.DLL 22896 12108 deflated
TBKCOMM.DLL 6656 2472 deflated
TBKCOMP.DLL 101808 48421 deflated
TBKFILE.DLL 16192 6857 deflated
TBKMM.DLL 18832 9003 deflated
TBKMM.INI 909 445 deflated
TBKMM.SBK 21746 8902 deflated
TBKMMWID.FON 39424 9543 deflated
TBKNET.EXE 5360 2723 deflated
TBKUTIL.DLL 59152 27235 deflated
TBKWIN.DLL 22016 12186 deflated
TBOOK.EXE 398880 193460 deflated

Download File RTBK153.ZIP Here

Contents of the PACKLIST.TXT file

All files in this package are copyrighted by the Asymetrix Corporation
and may not be copied or used unless they are to be used exclusivly
with the ToolBook edition of ModemNews Magazine Issue #43 and above.

Dear Readers,

These files replace RTBOOK15.ZIP and are needed to run ModemNews
Magazine for Windows Issue #43 and above. It is not clear whether
this and future issues of the magazine will run properly with
RTBOOK15.ZIP and you are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

This run-time module for Asymetrix Toolbook allows the use of
Multi-Media on PC's running Windows 3.0 with Mult-Media Extensions and
with Windows 3.1.

Please find your old run-time and replace it with these files.

TBOOK EXE 398880 03-06-92 1:53a
TBKBASE DLL 353824 03-06-92 1:53a
TBKCOMP DLL 101808 03-06-92 1:53a
TBKUTIL DLL 59152 03-06-92 1:53a
TBKNET EXE 5360 03-06-92 1:53a
TBKFILE DLL 16192 10-30-91 1:51a
TBKWIN DLL 22016 10-30-91 1:51a
TBKMM DLL 18832 01-31-92 1:52a
TBKBMP DLL 22896 01-31-92 1:52a
TBKMM SBK 21746 01-31-92 1:52a
TBKMMWID FON 39424 01-31-92 1:52a
TBKMM INI 909 01-31-92 1:52a
TBKCOMM DLL 6656 04-24-92 1:53a

The Staff of ModemNews Magazine

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