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MULTIMEDIA MAKER is a new business and educational tool that has endless
potential. This package will allow you to create your custom presentations,
advertising, demo's, tutorials, courseware authoring, tests, reports, school
projects and much more. With this package you can combine real human SPEECH,
MUSIC and sound effects with high resolution IMAGES (up to SVGA). Use this
package to create your own custom AUDIO/VIDEO SHOWS on any subject, place,
product or procedure you desire.

* VGA graphic and Hard Drive are required.

* Supports Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles.

* Run MANUAL.EXE to view the USERS MANUAL.
* Run INSTALL.EXE to start the program.

DareWare Inc., 3005 Glenmore Ave. Baltimore, MD 21214 USA
(410) 665-0193 - Toll free 1-800-847-0309 for CREDIT CARD ORDERS. $79.00
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