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Solid Software, Inc.

SAMPTERM.ARC -- a sample terminal program which demonstrates some of the
features of Solid Software's Solid Link, the
telecommunications toolbox for MODULA-2.

Copyright (c) 1988, 1989 Solid Software. All rights reserved.

File list:

File Description
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
README This file.
SAMPTERM.EXE The SampTerm program.
SAMPTERM.CFG SampTerm's configuration file.
SAMPTERM.DIR SampTerm's PROCOMM-compatible dialing directory.
SAMPTERM.MOD The source code for SampTerm (requires Solid Link to compile).

SampTerm (and Solid Link) feature:

- Operation above 19,200 baud.
- Support for COM1-COM4.
- Buffered, interrupt driven input AND output, buffer sizes up to 64K.
- Supports the following protocols:
ZMODEM - the only full ZMODEM implemention in any library for ANY language
- VT100/ANSI support
- log files
- 43/50 line operation on EGA/VGA systems

Solid Link also features:

- Support for up to 8 communications ports.
- Port interrupt and address may be specified.
- Kermit support coming soon.
- Script file support coming soon.

Note that SampTerm (and Solid Link) are NOT public domain OR shareware.
SampTerm is a demo; it may be used for personal use, if desired. Otherwise,
contact Solid Software for licensing information.

For more information on Solid Link, and Solid Software's other libraries for
MODULA-2 (including a user interface/windows package and a B+tree file system)

Solid Software
P.O. Box 8132
West Chester, OH 45069-8132

or contact Vali Tadayon (at bix:vali) by BIX mail.

ProComm is a trademark of Datastorm Technologies, Inc.

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Filename : README

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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