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(* provides file support on a PC network.
can be used without a PC network if DOS 3.1 is used.

Commands here emulate/duplicate those in FileSystem.

This module is a replacement for FileSystem and cannot be
used in combination with it or DiskFiles.



Close, Lookup, Rename, Delete, WriteChar, ReadChar,
ReadNBytes, WriteNBytes, SetRead, SetWrite, SetModify,
Reset, SetPos, GetPos, Length;


Response = (done,
notdone, notsupported, callerror,
unknownmedium, unknownfile, paramerror,
toomanyfiles, eom, userdeverror);

name : ARRAY [0..64] OF CHAR;
handle : WORD;
pointHigh : WORD;
pointLow : WORD;
read : BOOLEAN;
write : BOOLEAN;
inuse : BOOLEAN;
eof : BOOLEAN;
res : Response;

PROCEDURE Close ( f : File );

PROCEDURE Lookup (VAR f : File; fileName : ARRAY OF CHAR;
modeshar : ARRAY OF CHAR);

Definitions for Access mode and Sharing based on IBM System 23
Datamaster commands which directly produced the Sopen structure
of Basic, Unix's mode structure, and Modula-2's FileSystem (i.e.

Short Unix review for those who may need it or not be familiar with it
Unix mode structure 3 digit number ABC

A = owner's access
B = group access
C = other access

Bit assignments (0-7) Resulting Combinations
0 (1) = Execute Access 0 = No Access
1 (2) = Write Access 1 = Execute Access
2 (4) = Read Access 2 = Write Access
3 = Write/Execute Access
4 = Read Access
5 = Read/Execute Access
6 = Read/Write Access
7 = Read/Write/Execute Access

Unix file access mode of 644 gives
Owner - Read/Write Access
Group - Read Access
Other - Read Access

Current Lookup modeshar definitions ***
FILE ACCESS (mode) Old Basic Sopen Unix A New Def.
Read I I 4 R
Write O O 2 W
Append A A 2 A
Read R RI 4 R
Write R R 2 W
Read/Write R R 6 M (modify)

Since the open mode of the file does not define the type of data
(sequential or relative), no distinction is made between those
reading & writing modes.

SHARING MODE (shar) DOS Sopen Unix B New Def.
Read/Write allowed Deny None S 6 S
No read/write Compatibility N 0 C
No read/write Deny R/W exclus. 0 N
Read only allowed Deny Write I 4 I
Write only allowed Deny Read O 2 O

Opens the Procedure Table for Modify (Read/Write) with Noshare

PROCEDURE Rename ( VAR f: File; newname : ARRAY OF CHAR );

PROCEDURE Delete ( name : ARRAY OF CHAR; VAR f : File );

PROCEDURE WriteChar( VAR f: File; ch : CHAR);

PROCEDURE ReadChar( VAR f: File; VAR ch : CHAR);

PROCEDURE ReadNBytes( VAR f: File; bufPtr : ADDRESS;
requestedBytes : CARDINAL;
VAR read : CARDINAL );

PROCEDURE WriteNBytes( VAR f: File; bufPtr : ADDRESS;
requestedBytes : CARDINAL;
VAR written : CARDINAL );

PROCEDURE SetRead ( VAR f: File );

PROCEDURE SetWrite ( VAR f: File );

PROCEDURE SetModify ( VAR f: File );

PROCEDURE SetOpen ( VAR f: File );

PROCEDURE Reset ( VAR f: File);

PROCEDURE SetPos( VAR f: File; high,low: CARDINAL);

PROCEDURE GetPos( VAR f: File; VAR high,low: CARDINAL);

PROCEDURE Length( VAR f: File; VAR high,low: CARDINAL);

END Network.

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