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Filename : BREAK.DEF

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(* (C) Copyright 1987,1988 Fitted Software Tools. All rights reserved. *)

This module allows the user to trap the Ctrl-Break (vector 1BH)
interrupt and the DOS generated (vector 23H) Ctrl-C interrupt.

Upon initialization, BREAK is disabled. Ths user program must
call EnableBreak to allow processing of breaks.

The break interrupt handlers check the DOS busy flag to prevent
Ctrl-Break processing while in DOS.

The default break handler simply terminates the program (ErrorLevel 6).

DisableBreak is called before control is transfered to a user
break handler. Should the user break handler procedure return,
the program is terminated (ErrorLevel 6).

Uses: To prevent the user from terminating the program via Ctrl-Break
or Ctrl-C, just import this module.

During program testing, it is useful to include this module and
invoke EnableBreak; This allows the program to be aborted via
Ctrl-Break, even if the program goes into a loop.

PROCEDURE EnableBreak;
enable processing of BREAK.
the default break handler will terminate the program

PROCEDURE DisableBreak;
disable processing of BREAK

PROCEDURE InstallBreakHandler( breakHandler :PROC );
install procedure to gain control if a BREAK is detected.

PROCEDURE UninstallBreakHandler;
uninstall the user BREAK handler procedure

END Break.

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Archive   : M2CMP20.ZIP
Filename : BREAK.DEF

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