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Optional.ANYAPIATimeSliceAddThreadAdjustable priorities and time slices.AllAlmost any function can be turned into a thread.Automatic system-wide scheduler.BOOLBeginBoolC DeclarationCanadCommon problemsCompleteCompuServeConstantContactCopyrightCopyright, disclaimer, license agreementCreateThreadDEVELOPMENTDISCLAIMERDLLDLLsDS=SS.DeclarationDescriptionDevelopmentDispDisposeThreadEDIEDI Threads is a complete multi-threading library for Windows. With it you can easily create applications that use background printing, complex redrawing, repagination, serial port polling, text searches, and more. There is no need to wait for Windows NTESCHALONEach thread uses it's own stack.Easy to use, even when converting existing applications.EndTaskThreadsEndThreadEschalonEschalon DevelopmentExecTaskThreadsExecThreadExecutesExitThreadFARFeaturesForFunction AddThreadFunction CreateThreadFunction ExecThreadFunction GetFunction IsThreadFunction StartThreadFunction YieldThreadGetCurrentTask.GetMessageGetNumThreadsGetThrdUtlsVersionHWnd;HelpHere are just some of the featuresHigh level threadHowever,INFORMATIONIf Inc.IncludedIndexInstallInsteaIntroductionIsThreadFinishedIsThreadPausedLONGLicenseLongInt)Low level threadMS-DOSMakeProcInstanceManagerNO ROYALTIES!New Westminster,Note thatNote that only the threads that were created with StartThread or added with AddThread will be ended. Any thread you created with CreateThread and did not add to the system using AddThread will not be ended. Instead you should use TerminateThread and DispOptionalOtherPASCALPThreadFuncPThreadRecParametersPascalPausePause or stop a thread at any time.PeekMessagePrioritProProcedure instance of a thread function which is called by the thread scheduler. This is the actual function to get called as a separate thread. You must use the Windows API function MakeProcInstance to create the proper prolog code.ProgramREPRESENTATIONRESULTROBERTROYALTIES!RemarksRemoveThreadRenaissanceRepeatReturns TRUE if the specified thread isReturns theRobertRoutinesSALESASSalesasSetThrdUtlsTimeSliceSetThreadPauseSetThreadPrioritySets the tSpeeds up application's response time.SquareStackSizeStartThreadSupportsTHETHISTHandle);TM_CONTINUETM_PAUSEDTM_QUITTPW DeclarationTS_DEFTaskTerminateThTerminateThreadTerminatesTheTheThe amount of stack space to allocate, in bytes. A stack of 5000 to 8000 bytes is generally enough, unless you do a lot of recursion.The defaultThe following are constants which may be used with EDI Threads.The handle of the task for which toThe thread toThe threads operate independently of the main program. As soon as a thread is started, control is returned to the application. By applying this technique to a background operation you will drastically speed up the application's user response time. InsteaThereThere is practically no limit to what a thread can do, including Windows and DOS calls.ThisThreadThread system routinesThread);Thread,ThreadFuncThreadsTransTrueTypeUnlimited number of threads.UntilUsage and recommendationsV3M 6K3VOID FAR PASCALVersionWITHOUTWORDWestminster,WhileWinCLIWindowsWithWndWord);Word;YieldThreaYouYou should note that each thread gets its own stack, therefore the same limitations and conditions that apply to DLLs, apply to threads. Be careful not to assume that DS=SS.________actualaddaddedagreementallallocateallowalsoalwaysamountandand/oranotheranyanythingapplicationapplyareassociateassumeautomaticallyavailableback-upbackgroundbasedbecomesbeenbeforebelongbetweenbreaksbytecallcallcalledcancannotcapabilitiescarefulchancechangechoosecodecoffeecommandcommoncompcompletecompressioncomputerconditionsconstantscontactcontainscontinucontrolconvertcopiecopycouldcreatcreatecreatedcurrentcustomd of waiting for a task to finish, you can start it and return to the user without delay. No more coffee breaks during lengthy operations!defaultdelay.deletedemdestroydetaildirectdisdisclaimer,disposedistributdocumentationdoesdoesn'tdrasticallyduringeasilyeasyended.enhancedenoughevenexamineexampleexecuteexecutiexistingexpandfeaturefilefinishfirstfixefollowingfontforformatfreefromfunctiongenerallygetgetsgraphicalhandlhashavehelphighhowimmediateincludeincludingindependinformationinstallinstanceinsteinteninterfaceintoisn''sitsjustlParamlanguagelatestlearnlengthylevellibrarylicenselikelimitationslinelittlelonglowmachinemakemanagemanualmaymemorymillisecondsmodify,moremostmuchmulti-threadingmustneednotnoticenumberobtainedoftenoneonlyoperator switch to OS/2. With EDI Threads, writing background processes for Windows applications becomes a snap.orderoriginaloseThread.otherotherwiseownpackagepartpasspauseperpollingportpossiblepowerpracticallyprintprioritiespriorityprobproblemsproceprocessproductprogramprologpromptproperprotectproviquicklyreadreceivrecommendationsrecursion.redistributredrawing,referenceregisterregistrationrelativerememberremoverename,repagination,replacerequreservedresidentsresourcesresponserestrictreturnrightroutinesrunrunningsameschedulescheduler.schedulingsearches,segmentselectseparateserialsettingshippingshouldsimplsiteslicesmallsnapsolesomesomethingsourcespecificspecificallyspecifiedspecifyspeedstackstandardstartstructurestuff...suchsuppsupportswitchsystemtasktask.taskstechnitermterminatetextthanthatthetherethesethisthrdutls.dlthreadthread.threadsthreads.throughtimetime.transfertranslateturnedunderstandunlessunpauseunregistereuntilupgradeuseuse,useduserusesusingusualutilivaluevariousverifyversionwParamwaitwantwellwerewhatwhenwhichwillwindowwishwithwithoutwouldwritx ___ units =yieldyouyou'llyour/&;)z4overlaps prevÿÿ
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€‚ÿ[GAe“¢$¤:$?P€€žI:°°È¤€€€€€‚€€€€‚ÿ)£áa list of “topics ¡A[G. ygon ]to ½““~, press F1 or ÉUsing ’ G““menu.;Y5áan in-depth A“[GÝ‹Hs. Along ë“sample 4s ¢pas ‹¢c ÷Obe able to y¡to ör õ”s ‹efficiently.9$926€€žIzÈ°ù¬ã~‚ùဉ‚ÿ¨292+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿwk2wNn€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùဉ‚ቂቂቂቂÿȘ°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿNotes[_3[@R€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùဉ‚ቂቂÿR6@,  ‹‹|6 [6+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿOrderingWA6W9D€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùဉ‚ቂÿ[GRegistrationkõ2W2+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ?f;2;26€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùဉ‚ÿkž# ;#!–¨.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ¨.l..' €€žI:Ȱـ¬€‚ÿ]ÄN7.N-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€‚ÿHere ™{]of “2s of [F:3=N3,*€€žIz˜°E¬^‚E€ƒ‚ÿ-bj|3j;H€€žIx°E¬^‚E€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿ-(--*-N-`-$-Ô-8-¼,Tj,/0€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚‚€€‚ÿ4d of Öing Aa to 6, ÷½qit ‹/to “ÃíýNo ©Í³…Âions!A µ³to be ÁÁAc„. y(, ÷½ña ‘IÝ‹exists A“duration of “”. By Ça ÷½›“Iar rather ¦r ¦, ãis ­©accurate yet impede Úformance.To see a Pe onstration of [F, 5¢exe. It onstrates ]Pe Ç[Gis, as Ûas ]impressive “results ½be. Each ball ‹‘is a Gœ, Ôly dant of “ö. Examine “os ‹“, ’n give it a try. You'll love ]it is to ¿‹ör öers ålove ]Xpy ör •¨!$ ,$!… €‚ÿ ‚‰€ƒ‚ÿ<RÃø7Ã4:€€žIz¤°‰‚‘€ ~‚‰€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿTM_USERThe qof a Ãg/Ê. Equivalent to + a Ãaction.The Uended or Oend ^ly.The ½âe or is âing.The is ôly Ød.‡ÄÇ..€€žIzÈ°‰‚‘€ ~‚‰€ƒ‚ÿTIMESLICE)û§U‘[GÅto +£It is gin ¥±,ons. The Ver “¸, “©½[G*s.z†‡z..€€žIz¤°‰‚‘€ ~‚‰€ƒ‚ÿPRIORITY)ûëassigned to a new Ÿq½½™to reset a œ's ëto wÉÌ.$z$!òLs/$/)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
+0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÌR?0R' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿA pointer type to “private sÁby [F.0R0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÊe~0e' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿ=Itype. Each Ito be »by [G±W™B. yTurbo ÑAd:]^e]+(€€žIz°°!¬^‚!€‚ÿÚcedure E(Thread : Ì; i: ‘ Õ: m }: ²;6]6' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿyBorland C:]^6]+(€€žIz°°!¬^‚!€‚ÿW_export E(PThreadRec C HWND h, ]Ô, ¯|)m‡]m9D€€žI:°°Ù€¬€€€á ‰á,‰‚ÿq±½“eI¸ to ñ“ýù­÷½D or 
€‚ÿ>0 .0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿösZ0s@R€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùဉ‚ቂቂÿ€ThrdUtlsVersion€NumThreadsÚcedure ü%s%!eµ20%0)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿµ20 00+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿöà0àq´€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùá €‰‚á!‰‚á"‰‚á#‰‚á$‰‚á%‰‚á&‰‚á'‰‚á(‰‚á)‰‚ÿ|Úcedure X~†Úcedure rÚcedure "Úcedure Úcedure þ‚Paused‚Finished%à%!@—20%0)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ—20 0R+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿöXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXº e™”R™U|€€žIz˜°ù¬ã~‚ùá*€‰‚á+‰‚á,‰‚á-‰‚á.‰‚á/‰‚ÿzÚcedure ê„Úcedure fÚcedure lÚcedure d#™#!žR.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿRÀÜ.À9D€€žI:Ȱـ¬€€€€€€€‚ÿ¡on “disk ÷åfind o 4s showing “usage of [F. )TPW Óis »¢pas, ‹“"C" Óis »¢c. To see “o, 5¢exe ëFile º.ÇÀ' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿWe recommend ‘÷Âly '“to ±ß[G½do. Along ë“o ös, ÷Obe able to ç/”s to ½[F.##!¾6.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ6VÕ.V9D€€žI:Ȱـ¬€€€€€á‰‚ÿThe «Ñìlem ÷åWë[GUto do ë“fact ‘“Data B µequal “mB. yTPW ™is µKa ìlem. g"C" \ever, ™½cause lots of strange î. As a basic rule, “‘is ,ed in a ¸back Ior a KH, is …,ed in a H. œyou ±‘DS equal SS, ‹÷work around it, ÷won't Wwî.WVF^€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á,‰á-‰á%‰á!‰‚á#‰‚ÿAnother Ñìlem occurs á÷mix [‡‹—‡3carelessly. As a basic rule, if a is óÇa —‡routine, it Obe Šd ‹ d of Ça —‡routine. Same thing Aa [‡routine. y(, if ÷ña Ç
, ÷Oend it ëf. ;å›sure ‘“is Šd, d G“:r, ‹finally  d of. œyou Á“—‡Hs " ‹X, “ïµbe d G“:r, ‹[Gïcrash “next §it tried to +a žÇ, öming a Iis {‘ÍeH. As •as ÷to be nice ‹ô G§to ¦, ÷won't W‘î.#(#! B.+#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿB7 .7+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿCOPYRIGHT/7;*&€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€‚ÿ© Aõú. 'Rights Reserved. ;document ¡´, in whole or Ô, be èd, photocopied, ¬d, or reduced to ‘electronic medium or ™able @m, íprior consent, in ðing, Gõú. 'software described in ™Ÿis © Aõú. '0s $. )ion ‹sale of —ôs ™nded A“½of “Épurchaser À. Lawful Âs of —ös ™hereby Šd Áto “öR‰s, G’ir media s£of a Ø, Zly A“purpose of ,ng “ös on ¿™at a ©Duplicating or êing A͏backup purposes, or selling or Ïing —ôs is a violation of “law Š this |.0
;0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿHÉ^0É' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿ›IS PROVIDED "AS IS" [áOR WARRANTY OF KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING [LIMITATION, àS OR ENDORSEMENTS REGARDING USE OF, âS OF, OR PERFORMANCE OF š, ITS APPROPRIATENESS, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, OR CORRECTNESS. ENTIRE RISK AS TO USE OF ›IS ASSUMED BY USER. IN NO EVENT WILL åø, _GINC. OR IT'S EMPLOYEES BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, âING FROM DEFECT IN š, EVEN IF åùOR _GINC. HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. ISHALL SUPERSEDE VERBAL OR WRITTEN STATEMENT TO CONTRARY. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT SE TERMS YOU MUST CEASE AND DESIST USING PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY.?É?+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿLICENSE AGREEMENTD?)$€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚‚‚ÿUpon , ör ½of ™Óindicates ör acceptance of “=terms ‹Ú:1. Copyright: These ös ‹“related ™êright. The [Ðer is õú. q¡µ¿ê, §or «“ös, , or ‘ëexcept as expressly ded in ™|.2. °: qW“non-exclusive 1to ½‘enclosed ÓÁon a single Ùat a ©q¡load “÷sör Øs temporary £(RAM). q¡physically «“÷G¿Ùto Ž, ded ‘“÷is Áon Á¿Ùat a ©q¡µe ès of “ÕÓor “accompanying to Ìs. q¡µdecompile, assemble, reverse engineer, §or ­“÷or “. q¡not attempt to unlock or bypass ‘ëþion Êzed ë“ö. 'Í0s ‹Åµegranted in ™‹™%by õûkžj3v/0€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€ €‚‚‚ÿ3. Distribution: q¡e šl ëör ô, í‘royalties or ,ions as •as ynded ½is as a xlement ‹Òliment to ör ÑÒ, ‹µAxelf.4. Back-up ‹Hfer: q¡›¿(1) ëof “÷Zly A£purposes. q±reproduce ‹a“êright ·on “£ê. q¡«“õto Ôy Áif “ÍÔy agrees to “terms ‹Ûof ™}‹Ôs ‹.s a card to üŒiUŸœyou «“÷÷±at “9§«“‹£ëor «“‹“£ê.5. Terms: ;‹is effective ¹Šd. q¡‹it by ing “ö, “‹ès ”of. ;‹å…‹if ÷fail to Òly ë‘terms or Ûof ™|. qagree upon wtermination to ès of “÷‹of “.'v'!›[G6''6)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ[GAe”6:F€€žI:°°‘€‘€€€ €á‰€€‚ÿœyou [G‹÷Éto ½it, ÷° it. q™µ~owed to keep, ¿or e [Gëör ”s ³÷. When ÷, ÷e “Óof “Ò. It åµW“opening "ad box" ‘÷M듶d Ó‹÷åbe ~owed to  e it as Û“Š |.xQx5<€€žI2°‘€¦€
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€ ‚ÿSelect PRINT TOPIC G“FILE menu to ça registration Ç@m.”™x”)$€€žI2 °‘€îA
€ ‚ÿyf, Æs, or SŠs, ¹or fax hTŸat 520-1543, or leave an EMail message on Compuserve (76625,1320).=”=,*€€žI2ȑ€î
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ƒƒ‚ÿCOUNTRY:TELEPHONE:FAX:›K:F€€žI2˜‘€îˆaƒ]„}€ ƒƒƒƒ‚ƒƒƒƒ‚ÿ±$110.00 Cdn.($95.00 US)òSource Ë- šl*459.00 Cdn.($395.00 US)ò?(?*&€€žI2˜‘€ì‚}€ ƒ‚ÿB.C. 'y6% PST>*?>*&€€žI2˜‘€î‚}€ ƒ‚ÿ4a 'y7% GSTVC>V-,€€žI2˜‘€î
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H3)$€€žI2ȑ€î€€ ‚ÿ- OR -aJ3a,*€€žI2°‘€ì€ €€ ‚ÿMail a check or money-order payable to kž, at:3aU&€€žI2˜‘€ì€ ‚ÿ110-2 íXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX·' (!6(U6&€€žI0‘€ì€ ‚‚ÿ¿ BCU 4a[S6[)$€€žI2 °‘€îAa€ ‚ÿPlease ¹Agon SŠs or volume discounts:  &[&!jÇôsA6&A)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿkõ‘as of Summer =(A=+(€€žI:à°Ù€‘€
€‚ÿ[¥Ae- Y1.3#°=#38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿ[¥Aeis “9in “[¥õ. It is a Pe to ¿Õhation Êty Ae”s. wa nice ep, ús ÃAdestination, ðs ß»groups, multiple disk z, 5×`d. Uses a Pe  F 5‘"ire öming or ‚ing a new script ~. q{list ör 4s ‹go!='#=+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿ[¥A·- Y1.0„=38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿ[¥A·is a Õimplementation of [¥ðten eA¶. wa pleasant §æed qãgives ör Âs a good 9impression of ör ô. ;Òs Å“9C F 5making it {as to ƒas yecousin. q½%share  F 4s across d/MS-DOS platforms!?,?+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿ[¥ÛAe- Y1.0H®?H38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿFinally, an advanced hation Êty ‘take days to ‚. [¥ÛÅan !Óof “familiar.INF 5Cintroduced in [¥Ad. It is extremely to ¿yet offers “âful 2s of ôs costing three ¦s as ¬. 7is very ’, if ’, ‘÷¿accomplish ë[¥Ú.Here ™{\ of “2s ùfind:P4HP02€€žIz˜°E‘€^„E1†€ƒ‚ÿ-Ådithered bit mapped ¤.¶PCX€€žIx°E‘€^„E1†€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿ-ÅDable Òonents ~ow “Ãto iÁßis ²ed or reinstall cÒonents.-ß»group îion.- I 5îion ‹modification. Works on ‘ I 4.-Vlay "ReadMe.Txt" 5to “Â.-Smart progress bar displays Úcent Ôd by 5size.-User ga‹destination paths.-Creates ory s"on “fly", Áas "ired.-Ychecking §on "newer 4s" ‹"user confirmation".-95×z, ca  able Q"unpacker".-Multiple diskette hations zed.-Custom K~ows ÷do 1“Áof [¥Ú.Cd/0€€žIx°E‘€^„E1†€ƒ‚ÿ-And ¬, ­¨...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX¨/ 0(wdw38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿq½do almost “÷³ë[¥Ú, {as it is. ™by ~owing ÷L, ÷½1“Áto a“÷², was ÷setup f, ÷Òonent Dion, advertising Œ, 5encryption, autoexec.bat or config.sys modifications, ‹­¨. We ìn't aevery á2, but ëa ÷K÷½y“÷². œyou ™unable to ðe ör ÑKwe ½Èly ñ¿A÷at a reasonable cost.=(w=+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿ[GAe- Y1.0Sž=S..€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚€€‚ÿ]ÄHere ™{]of “2s ùfind:3=S3,*€€žIz˜°E¬^‚E€ƒ‚ÿ-bj|3j;H€€žIx°E¬^‚E€ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿ-(--*-N-`-$-Ô-8-¼q‹jq("€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€€‚ÿ4d of Öing Aa to 6, ÷½qit ‹/to “ÃíýNo ©Í³…Âions!D#qD/0€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€€‚ÿ/$490 US ëaÊG'DG+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿb/WinCLI Ú* - Y3.0/1.0›†G›-,€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚‚ÿcis a ÕÏ‘qcapable of 7e”s as Ûas DOS ”s. It  s “oDOS ûon o‹!mode ~s. c…`s over 30 5œment Îs ‘™built-in to cÛ(ALIAS, ASSOCIATE, ATTRIB, CD, CLS, COPY, DATE, DEL, DIR, EXIT, FINDFILE, HELP, INFO, LABEL, MEM, MAKEDIR, MORE, MOVE, PATH, PROMPT, RENAME, RENDIR, RMDIR, SYSINFO, TIME, TITLE, VER, VERIFY, VOL, WHICH ‹many Íextended Îs).cUfull clipboard z, a ed Y~, Ï‘editing, Ï‘history, aliases (like Doskey macros in ·5.0), a scroll-back buffer, Dable ?‹adjustable colors. Also `d in “Óis a ÕFile » ment, Js Êty Ab, Öword þor, clock & screen saver ‹ÏÍWÊties.jV›j6>€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€€‚€€‚ÿ$35 US b/$80 US cÚ*Some 2s ™Á¡in cÚ.P-jP+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿFileApp - Y1.1 (available May )S´P_38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿFileApp is a "quick ‹dirty" 5œr 's âful #to Re ör routine „. It sports a friendly Qqë"buttons" Aœment chores. Easily ê, move, þ, edit, or 54s. q½…ê, move, or ÿentire ori±67(es. Provides ‹disk f, as Ûas a Õon-line Y~. Three different ps ™ .=_=+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿLZSSLib - Y1.0Å=Å38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿ9Ö/decompression KAd. Quickly ‹y×{to ör õ”s. 
Visual Basic, Turbo ÑAd, C/C++, Actor, Object Vision 2.0 ‹‘õ‘zs L.>Å>+(€€žI:Ȱـ‘€
€‚ÿSwitcher - Y1.2©Ï>©38€€žI:˜°Ù€‘€‚1†€‚€€‚ÿ;neat “Êty ~ows ÷to }±Ïevideo modes. 
«drivers ‹>s. Works ëe3.0 ‹3.1. ¡Eë«of our ôs.Free!¾ä©¾14€€žI:ø°Ù€¬‚†€á‰‚ÿ'of our ôs ½be ed ly ¥us (click here Aßf) ‹÷½download “shareware Òs G;(WINADV section Èly). We ¿ship ¶d ès, sorry.#¾#![ÿÿ>.
€‚ÿ>°Û.°' €€žI:Ȱـ¬€‚ÿWe åÚiodically de bug :s ‹ºs. q¡ßus A“Ò. Minor Æs bug :s ™D; major revisions carry an »fee. q‡pay AM‹Ring.ho°h' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿy†cal assistance, Æs, SŠs or gon our Íôs, ÷¡ßus at:.h.' €€žI:°°!¬€‚ÿkžHF.H("€€žI8°!¬€‚‚‚ÿ2 í, Suite #110¿BCU4aA HA+(€€žI:°°!¬‚e€ƒ‚ÿTelephone/Fax: ;A;*&€€žI8°!¬‚e€ƒ‚ÿ::76625,1320#;#!#ÿÿŽ.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿŽ0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ>'0>+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction : l0>0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2?-0?+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ]uÈ Ž(VOID);0?0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR>A0>' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿóÓ¹of “õ[Gˆ.0
>0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèWb0W' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿómajor Ó¹in “[µ‹“minor Ó¹in “—´.#
€‚ÿŒ0.<+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚¨?Ö?…?ÿ>"<>+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction : l0>0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2?(0?+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ]uÈ Œ(VOID);0?0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRC=0C' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿótotal ¹of ¡7in “~.#C#! ÿÿü.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿü0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿJ60J+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure ü(ATimeSlice : j0J0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2>:0>+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV ü(WORD  );0>0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRA@0A' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿime U‘[GÅto +¢0
A0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎn–0n/0€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ÿ )‰of ¥±,ons. The Ver “¸, “©½[G*s “:d ¢0
n0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ蔻0”-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€‚ÿ7Obe no ³to Ç™J. ™if ÷³less òing ¦, ‹÷Ùto ›“5©smoothly, ÷½increase “§UJ.# ”#!wÿÿ!D.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿD0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿm„0m+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction D(ThreadFunc : Ê;  : m i: ‘ Õ: m }: ³: Ì;0m0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2cr0c+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÍuÈ D(PThreadFunc D, ], WND h, ]Ô, ¯|);0c0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRýe0ýE\€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€á‰á,‰€€á"‰‚ÿ&ows ÷do ña Ÿ;is “–est ‡Aîing a ŸD .s NIL if “íµbe ò, or a valid Ì if it was. œyou Ù“to be Ÿ:d ½
lad of D. Æwise ùWto žly +“Çn.0
ý0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎÍy0ðId€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒá‰€€€€‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿDÚcedure kof a H ãis »by “=;is “wIto M»as a GŸq° ½“eI¸ to ñ“ýùÊ.*hÔ|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXG H>D0
ð0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèyJ0y4:€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚á*‰á"‰‚ÿrNote ‘“is µ*d ¹÷¹" to Ÿ;“œ, or n to e+“ž#
y#!. "X.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿX0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿG50G+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure X(Var =: Ì);0G0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2B60B+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV X(PThreadRec 
0B0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRX50X02€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á ‰€‚ÿVoses of a óby CreateThread. 0
of a %if it UµŠd. Such ðdure is recommended, since ör might W€d £or )‘it didn't Ma Åto D. qO‡½ª " ­÷¹X. #
€‚ÿn0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿL40L+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction n(Thread : Ì) : l0L0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2F20F+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ]uÈ n(PThreadRec @0F0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR0?P€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á#‰á‰á‰á‰‚ÿq“gŸœthis is “9§“is *d, [Gprepares “m‹¸s ör H. œit Ualready «*d ­‹ör ôed, “,on is âed 1after “nd Î. œthe UŠd, ,on is ignored ‹ is .ed, Ï or  is .ed.0
0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎ: 0:/0€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ÿ<3*.0
:0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ苝0‹-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á*‰‚ÿUnless ÷³precise åover áör ¡M*d, it is best to avoid ™I‹½“internal :r ¥".$ ‹$!h"$nd/$/)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿnd0/<+(€€žI>Ș²OáOŽO°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ@ <@+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction nd : l0@0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2@&0@+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ]uÈ nd(VOID);0@0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRÍ0Í9D€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á‰á‰€€‚ÿYields åback to “G“õŸœthe ±Š,  is .ed, Ï is .ed. Normally, ÷½‹a àever ÷³to, but ÷absolutely ±‹if nd .s .0
Í0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèÐ&0Ð("€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚‚ÿ;I½Ábe »Gêin a žOccasionally ÷åWto õåGör because eµ½preemptive multitasking. œyou never ô, Í…ånever Ma Åto *. Your H Olook _˜:fhÐf)$€€žIz°°ù¬ã~€‚ÿ Úcedure D(Thread : Ì; i: ‘ Õ: m }: ²; Export;ÆÈfÆ38€€žI8°Ù€¬€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿ . { Initiate u} î { Do work... ÝIß be? } Q(YieldThread = tm_Quit); { Clean up u} r; End;#
€‚ÿr0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ;0;+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure r;0;0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2;%0;+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV r(VOID);0;0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR<+0<' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿExits ‹Šs “õž0
<0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèRL0R-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á#‰‚ÿ;I½Ábe »Gêin a ŸSee nd.#R#!G$&".#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ"0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿI30I+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿProcedure "(Thread : Ì);0I0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2B70B+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV "(PThreadRec @0B0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR©Ò0µ-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á#‰‚ÿ%a Goutside “Ÿ;is Áto @ce a to 6, %if it UµÔd yƒUpon ing our "est, “GWwW Våclean up ‹exit. See nd.0
:0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ茰0Œ-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á!‰‚ÿ;is “ýway to @ce a to Š. qO¹™I­X in Çto ›sure ‘it Oa Åto clean up üly.#Œ#!­%'.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿQG0Q+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure (Thread : Ì; Øy : j0Q0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2IH0I+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV (PThreadRec C]Øy);0I0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRIL0I' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿhread ëto “Í¡in “~.0
I0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎq0q14€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿ<The Aã÷éto Çê.ÒdThe new ê, to “Í¡in “~.0
q0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿè±0' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿWhen ÷ia ê, ÷™determining ]CPU )™€d to “£The ¸s ÷iset “ëof “to “Í¡‘™6. (Therefore, —¸s ¿be ¬d sa :d Úcentage of CPU ¨) The Zer “ëa T, “©CPU )™€d to it. Øies range G10 to 1000. )ûëis 100. ##!R&(þ.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿþ0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿSB0S+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure þ(Thread : Ì; Òd : 0);0S0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2IC0I+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV þ(PThreadRec C-Òd);0I0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR„‘0„6>€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€á%‰€‚ÿÒs or ´s a ŸA Ød stays Ød ¹þ ´s it, or " @ces “to quit.0
„0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎbX0b14€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿ<3Ø/unpause.ÒdKto Ùœ, false to µit.0
b0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèƒ10..€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€‚‚ÿGenerally, þ’_Â_ÿ\ åbe Áto suspend a CPU nsive œ, while “ÃDs _‘"ires _feedback. y(, ÷might Ù¥re pagination in a word òor if “Ãbrings up “?"ester. ;ïkup “?generation in KM‹ATM, A(. Since ör %·wØd, á÷µit, it Py âes ëÞever it was doing. Áif ÷Ùa IßݝAtoo •÷åìably lose incoming data.##!')¬.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ¬0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿM80M+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction ¬(Thread : Ì) : 0;0M0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2F60F+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ-uÈ ¬(PThreadRec @0F0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR@H0@' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿñØd ‹FALSE if it t0
@0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎ: 0:/0€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ÿ<3&.0
:0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿè¹Ý0¹38€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á'‰€€‚ÿq½½™Ito Ñwhether a is ,ng or if it U«Ød at ]Ípoint. Used in conjunction ëþ, ¬ ½be Áto toggle “state of “ž#¹#!¿(ÿÿª.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿª0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿM:0M+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction ª(Thread : Ì) : 0;0M0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2F80F+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ-uÈ ª(PThreadRec @0F0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRBK0B' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿñ6ed ‹FALSE if it t.0
B0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎ: 0:/0€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ÿ<3&.0
:0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèl•0l' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿq½½™Ito Ñif a UÔd wƒy(, “=loop ï×¹“was 6ed:=(l=' €€žI:°°Ù€¬€‚ÿaNot ª(Thread) Doº¦=Æ)$€€žI€€‚‚‚‚‚ÿ aÖ(M, 0, 0, 0, pm_Remove) Do . HlateMessage(M); VatchMessage(M); gQgXd End;# Æ#!»ÿÿ+". #.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿ"0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿM30M+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction "(Thread : Ì) : 0;0M0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2F10F+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿ-uÈ "(PThreadRec @0F0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR”º0”-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á"‰‚ÿAdd a to “?xlied by [F. The åŸbe *d by [GÚiodically. qno ”er Wto ¹n örself.0
”0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎB40B/0€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ÿ<3yto “<0
B0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿè—0X‚€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€á-‰á%‰á!‰‚€€€€á+‰€€‚ÿOnce a U«{ë" ÷½Š, ‹
of it Çf lad of " ‹X.œyou éto ½" ‹X ÷±to 9¹ê to it G“=œyou don't ¹ê, “åcrash “next §“¡M*d.# #!¡*,ê.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿê0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿH00H+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure ê(Thread : Ì);0H0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2B40B+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV ê(PThreadRec @0B0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRÝA0Ý?P€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€á"‰á%‰á!‰‚ÿRemoves a G“[G=It µ‹nor 
of “œ, it Ás it G“automatic =After ¸ing ê ÷½either keep ,ng “Çn or ‹‹
of it ë" ‹X. 0
A0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿè¸í0¸Qt€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á,‰á ‰á*‰á-‰€€€€€€‚ÿœyou ó“Ç
or D ‹", ‹÷Ùto Š, ‹
of “œ, ÷O½f lad of ê, " ‹X.# ¸#!>+-
0.H+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿXXXXXXXXXXXXÄo psomƒHm+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿFunction 
(ThreadFunc : Ê;  : m i: ‘ Õ: m }: ³: Ì;0m0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2dr0d+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÍuÈ 
(PThreadFunc D, ], HWND h, ]Ô, ¯|);0d0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRô^0ô9D€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€á‰á-‰‚ÿ&ows ÷do ñ‹;a Ÿ
.s NIL if “íµbe ò, or a valid Ì if it was. The is Ÿ{to “~, ‹åbe :d by [F. You Py q“‹@get about it. Use f to Š, ‹
of “ž0
ô0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎÍy0ÍId€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒá‰€€€€‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ƒ‚ÿDÚcedure kof a H ãis »by “=;is “wIto M»as a GŸq° ½“eI¸ to ñ“ýùÊ.*hÔ|0
Í0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèS0S("€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚‚ÿrNote ‘“is µ*d ¹“9?of ¢# S#!,.f. #.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿf0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿG10G+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure f(Var =: Ì);0G0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2B20B+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV f(PThreadRec 
0B0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿRA<0A' €€žI:˜°Ù€¬€‚ÿ$, s ‹ s of “gž0
A0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎD90D/0€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ‚ÿ<3Š, ‹
D0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿèÅ0ÅQt€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á,‰€€á*‰á ‰€€á%‰á!‰‚ÿÁÁ“¡‘Ýóë
or {ë" åbe Any ÷óëD ‹did µyto “Ç#åµbe ¦d ÷O½" ‹X.#Å#!L-/l.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
€‚ÿl0.0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿD.0D+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿÚcedure l(Task : 0D0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿ2@10R+(€€žIz˜°!¬:€€‚ÿV l(HANDLE );XXXXXXºw xÅv0R0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿR\l0\-,€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á"‰‚ÿq¡‘¯to “gƒSee n As on ,on.0
\0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎm0m5<€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ€€‚ÿ1+£The Re is »Ç“eIGetCurrentTask.0
m0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿè†09D€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€€€€€€€‚ÿy«”s it åbe unnecessary to ¹™H. ™if ÷³©òing ㏓built in :r des, ÷½½a Ö loop lad of “ÉŠ loop, ‹¹l G“loop. ;å+“¡as ½as à, yet still leave Í”s “opportunity to 4. y(:@@' €€žI:°°Ù€¬€‚ÿ &Done := False;Ž@Ž38€€žI8°Ù€¬€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿ î œPeekMessage(Msg, 0, 0, 0, pm_NoRemove) Then . œGetMessage(Msg, 0, 0, 0) Then . HlateMessage(Msg); VatchMessage(Msg); End Else &Done := J; End Else l(GetCurrentTask); Q&Done;Î"ŽÎKh€€žI:°°Ù€¬€á,‰€€á*‰á ‰€€á"‰‚ÿÁÁ“¡‘Ýóë
or {ë" åbe *d. Any ÷óëD ‹did µyto “Ç#åµbe *d. ¦d ÷O½n on each ÷ò.#Î#!©.ÿÿd.#.)$€€žI:°°Èœ(
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L0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿÎm0m5<€€žIz¤°A‚¤›~„A‰€ƒ€€‚ÿ1‹£The Re is »Ç“eIGetCurrentTask.0
m0+(€€žI>Ș°‘€¬‚ù€‚ÿè»0+X‚€€žI:˜°Ù€¬€á-‰‚á,‰€€á*‰á ‰€€á%‰á!‰‚ÿ;I~ows ÷to end _}“¡in ör ÷뿸. It å¹f Aeach ‘®s to ör ‚ÁÁ“¡‘Ýóë
or {ë" åbe Any ÷óëD ‹did µyto “Ç#åµbe ¦d ÷O½" ‹X.!+!!Jÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ)!)&€€:°°È¤€‚ÿ!)!!ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÑÈ ÿ•

e¥C!(;b=…?2A>DµHãKŽOöS VRYÿ\QaXdhÒkso±sÅv}º€úñ HelvegistrationrelaCouriermberremovereSymbolpagination,reArialequreservedres8514fixsourcesrespo8514oemictreturnrigModernnesrunrunningPreviewdulescheduleRomandulingsearchesSystemtselectseparaCourier NewingshippTimesuldsimplsiteslWingdingsapsolesomeTimes New Romanpeciÿ

 ÑÈ ÿ•••••••

e¥C!!(!(((;;;;b=…?2A>DµHãKŽOöS VRYÿ\QaXdhÒkso±sÅv}/&;)i24ÿÿ0C0ÿÿÿÿAddressxAddThread°Common problems@ConstantsContactlCopyrightDCreateThreadˆDisclaimerHDisposeThreadŒEDI ThreadstEndTaskThreadsÄEndThread¼Eschalon Development Inc.pExecTaskThreadsÀExecThreadExitThread˜GetNumThreads€GetThrdUtlsVersion|High level thread routines8IndexIntroductionIsThreadFinished¬IsThreadPaused¨License agreementLLow level thread routines4OrderTOther productsdProductshPThreadFunc,PThreadRec(Purchase\RegistrationPRemoveThread´SetThrdUtlsTimeSlice„SetThreadPause¤SetThreadPriority StartThread¸TerminateThreadœThread system routines0TM_CONTINUETM_PAUSEDTM_QUITTM_USER TS_DEFPRIORITY TS_DETIMESLICETypes$Usage and recommendations<YieldThread”-of-file.Parameter exceeds maximum length of 128 characters.Context number already used in [MAP] section.Include statements nested toÿZ­Fy.Section heading %s unrecognized.Bracket missing from section heading %s.Section heading missing.Maximum number of build tags exceeded.Duplicate build tag in [BUILDTAGS] section.Build tag length exceeds maximum.Build tag %s contains invalid characters.[BUILDTAGS] section missing.Too many tags in Build expression.[ALIAS] section found after [MAP] section.Context string %s already assigned an alias.Alias string %s already assigned.Context string %s cannot be used as alias string.Maximum number of font ranges exceeded.Current font range overlaps previously defined range.Font name too long.Invalid multiple-key syntax.Character already used.Characters 'K' and 'k' cannot be used.Maximum number of keyword tables exceeded.Equal sign missing.Context string missing.Incomplete line in [%s] section.Unrecognized option in [OPTIONS] section.Invalid build expression.Warning level must be 1, 2 or 3.Invalid compression opti/&;)Lzÿÿÿÿÿÿ a ÿÿÿÿ EDI Threads API Help IndexÿIntroduction•Constants
Thread system routinesLow level thread routineseHigh level thread routines¥Usage and recommendationsCCommon problemsCopyright, disclaimer, license agreement!EDI Threads registration(Other products;Contactb=GetThrdUtlsVersion…?GetNumThreads2ASetThrdUtlsTimeSlice>DCreateThreadµHDisposeThreadãKExecThreadŽOYieldThreadöSExitThread VTerminateThreadRYSetThreadPriorityÿ\SetThreadPauseQaIsThreadPausedXdIsThreadFinishedhAddThreadÒkRemoveThreadsoStartThread±sEndThreadÅvExecTaskThreads}EndTaskThreadsøÿvúšö{ÔۃÄŽZ7&Äþ
&‰G é[øÿvúšö{æۃÄ£:
š”¡Ü Àuéø¸Pšê›<܃ÄŽj7&ÿú€,
éÎ÷šà„Üé|ùŽL7&Ç é¸÷ŽL7&Ç éª÷ÿvúš°ŸÜƒÄéœ÷€.
éŒ÷š´¨Ü Àt;šÂµÜ Àu¸‰PšÆ’À܃Ä+ÀPš¨È܃Äšê“ÒÜë +ÀPš¨Ú܃Äš€ìØéI÷¸PF¤PšD3݃Äé4÷ƒ>6
FöPšq*æ҃~ø t ƒ~ø t鿃>.
ué ÿ6.
F¦PšÒ|J݃Ä ÀtzŽB7&Ç
š´SÝ Àuwšê“oÝö.
t¸ë¸Pš¨|݃čF¦Pš¸€›ÝƒÄ Àu!ÿvÿvÿ62
F¦P¸Pštà®ÝƒÄ ¸ 됍F¦PšÞ’¼ÝƒÄë+ÀPš¨Ó݃ÄÇ.
ÿvøÿvüÿvúš´Y€ÛƒÄéøƒ~øt ƒ~ø
¸édø-=ævé!öÑà“.ÿ§ސÔ Ô`Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔB×(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô ×ך×ÌÖd×(ÔÌÖûÖv×R×0׈×(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔÂ×(Ô¬×(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô"Ö(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô4Ö(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔDÖ(Ô(Ôà×(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔìÕ<Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ôü×(Ô(ԞÖ(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô&Ø(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔºÖ(Ô(Ô(Ô6ØtØ(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔRÔ(Ô(Ô(ÔàÛ(ÔòÛ(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ԌØ(Ô(ÔÎÛ´Ù¸ÚDÔ(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔôÜ(Ô(ÔÛ(Ô"Û4Û4ÛFÛ(Ô(Ô(ÔÞÖ(Ô(ÔXÛ(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ԗ۲Û(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔÜ(Ô(ÔÜÚ(Ô6Ü(ÔRÜ(Ô(ÔZÜ(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(Ô(ÔbÜ(ÔpÜ~Ü(Ԍ܌ܔÜ(ԌÜ(Ԝ܃~¤À÷Ø^_‹å]˃>6
ːŽX7& 9 *äPš˜]ý߃ÄŽX7&¢9 ËU‹ìƒìWV¸þ¹ØØQPFðPšÆ' ݍVø‹ú‹ð¥¥¥¥ƒ~øu ¸ PštààƒÄ¸â;‹øvø¥¥¥¥ŒÚ^_‹å]ËU‹ìƒìWV±‹^ÓãÃ0‹óŒ^þ‹%þ‹ø ÀtŽp7&¡$ Àt;Ç|bŽFþ&ÿtƒÿÛCÑãÑãÿ·âÿ·à¸(PŒÇšä áàƒÄ

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: