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Teseract TSR library. This library is for programmer's wishing to develop TSR's. Can be used with C, ASM, PASCAL.
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Teseract TSR library. This library is for programmer’s wishing to develop TSR’s. Can be used with C, ASM, PASCAL.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ORDER.FRM 2233 613 deflated
READ.ME 788 385 deflated
TESS-5.ZIP 28327 27780 deflated
TESS-A.ZIP 18048 17437 deflated
TESS-C.ZIP 33834 33491 deflated
TESS-D.ZIP 49444 49402 deflated
TESS-P.ZIP 28190 27609 deflated

Download File TESS1090.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

This is an UNREGISTERED copy of TesSeRact(TM) Version 1.10. Feel free to
duplicate and copy this diskette as needed. The files on this diskette
are provided in archived form for ease of uploading and distribution.

TesSeRact Development Team
1657 The Fairways
Suite 101
Jenkintown, PA 19046

CompuServe: 70731,20
MCIMAIL: 315-5415
FAX: 215-886-4220


Files on this disk:

READ ME <-- This File
TESS-A ZIP <-- TesSeRact Assembler Version
TESS-C ZIP <-- TesSeRact Generic (C) Version
TESS-D ZIP <-- TesSeRact Documentation
TESS-P ZIP <-- TesSeRact Turbo Pascal 4.0 Version
TESS-5 ZIP <-- TesSeRact Turbo Pascal 5.0 Version

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