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** Switch! Version 2.6
** Copyright (C)1988-1989, Curtis Little
** All Rights Reserved
** Compiled March 20, 1989

By using Switch! you agree to be bound to the terms of the
license agreement contained in the manual.

Thanks to Russell Freeland who did the original conversion to get
Switch! working as a bin file. Using his code I was able to get versions
for dBASE III, FoxBase, and dBASE IV.

WARNING: Modifications to the demo version of Switch! will cause
unpredictable and undesired results.

This file will contain any last minute changes in Switch! not covered in
the document.

Registered users get TWO object files per language ordered. One of the
files contains a version of Switch! that contains banners (not the demo
version banners), and the other object file is a version of Switch! without
the banners. Currently I'm doing TWO object files instead of one with a
flag to turn the banner on and off because of the space required for the
banner. Having the banners assembled in the code takes approximately
320 bytes of memory. I know that sounds small, but to me every little bit

Note that the demo version of Switch! only allows you to call it twice
without reloading your application. This is the only functional
difference between the demo version and the "real" thing. The demo version
also has a banner that isn't in the registered version to remind you that
it is a demo version. I started using the 2 time limitation instead of the
previous limitation of no EMS because I want you to see what EMS support
really means. If you've got EMS you'll be impressed with the instantaneous
Switch! that occurs! You are free to distribute this demo version in
unmodified form. In fact I ask that you please distribute the demo version
of Switch! as far and wide as possible.

If you're a sysop and don't want to have Switch! on your board because it's
a demo I understand. However, please take into account that the previous
version of Switch! was not a demo, but had the EMS function disabled for the
unregistered version. At least with this one people are able to get a
feel for EVERYTHING Switch! is capable of doing.

If you have any comments about Switch! feel free to write or call.

Curtis Little - (415) 443-6438
1087 Murrietta Blvd. #244
Livermore, CA 94550

* If you leave a message and I need to call back I'll have to call *
* collect. *

I can also be reached on the following systems:

Compuserve [76430,3701]
ATT-PAC BBS 415-829-6062
Walnut Creek BBS 415-937-0156

Thanks for taking a look at Switch!

Additions to the Manual:

NONE!! (yet )

Questions and Answers:

Q: Is there anyway you can fix Switch! to make it so I don't get
an "out of environment space" error message when I try to add
new variables while in the shell?

A: Although I've considered the addition of a putenv and getenv functions
I decided against it because they aren't really necessary (at least
in the tests I've ran). All you have to do to fix the problem is
increase the size of the environment (for DOS 3.x see the manual on
the SHELL command or equivalent to set the environment size. For DOS 2.x
there are plenty of utilities available to increase the environment

Q: Can I call Switch! recursively?

A: Certainly.

Q: Do I get the source code when I purchase Switch!

A: No, as of version 2.6 of Switch! the source code will no longer be
made available. I regret any inconvience this will cause, but I
will not be able to distribute source code any longer. I am willing
to do custom versions of Switch! and will continue to update Switch!
to fix any problems reported. The updates are available to all
registered users.

Q: What does it mean when Switch! is called in my program but the child
program doesn't run?

A: There is either some type of error being returned by Switch! (you can
check the return value to find out what the error is), or the child
program you want to execute can't be found in the DOS search path.

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