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Here it is! The SuperVGA/Tweak BGI drivers you have all been waiting for! ;->

These drivers support a wide range of VGA cards, and should work on
all major brands.

Card types supported: (SuperVGA drivers)
Ahead, ATI, Chips & Tech, Everex, Genoa, Paradise, Oak, Trident (both 8800
and 8900), Tseng (both 3000 and 4000 chipsets) and Video7.
These drivers will also work on video cards with VESA capability.
The tweaked drivers will work on any register-compatible VGA card.

I have not tested these drivers on all these card types, so I can not guarantee
perfect operation with your card. I have tested them extensively
on Trident, Tseng and ATI cards, and have had no problems. (Trident 8800
cards occasionally have problems, especially older models)

Modes currently supported:
 SuperVGA 16-color
0) Standard EGA/VGA 320x200x16
1) Standard EGA/VGA 640x200x16
2) Standard EGA/VGA 640x350x16
3) Standard VGA 640x480x16
4) SuperVGA/VESA 800x600x16
5) SuperVGA/VESA 1024x768x16

 SuperVGA 256-color
0) Standard VGA/MCGA 320x200x256
1) 256k Svga/VESA 640x400x256
2) 512k Svga/VESA 640x480x256
3) 512k Svga/VESA 800x600x256
4) 1024k Svga/VESA 1024x768x256

* NEW SuperVGA 32768-color BGI driver for Tseng ET4000 cards
with Sierra HiColor DACs

 SuperVGA 32768-color
0) 320x200x32768
1) 640x350x32768
2) 640x400x32768
3) 640x480x32768
4) 800x600x32768

* WARNING: The tweaked drivers do not use standard BIOS modes, instead
they program the CRTC directly. You must have a register-compatible
VGA card to use these drivers. You must also be sure that your monitor
can handle the sync rates (the sync COULD damage your monitor)

 Tweaked 16-color
0) 704x528x16
1) 720x540x16
2) 736x552x16
3) 752x564x16
4) 768x576x16
5) 784x588x16
6) 800x600x16

 Tweaked 256-color
0) 320x400x256
1) 320x480x256
2) 360x480x256
3) 376x564x256
4) 400x564x256
5) 400x600x256
6) 320x240x256 * new mode

Using the driver in existing programs is easy. (If you have the source)

Check the files INITSVGA.C and INITSVGA.PAS for examples of installation
into C and Pascal programs.


- The mouse cursor may not work in all modes of my driver. This is because
no current mouse drivers support SuperVGA/Tweak modes.

* Registerfarbgidriver DOES work properly with C/C++... (8/1/91)
Check INITSVGA.C and the makefile for examples of how to use.

* Registerbgidriver also works with Turbo Pascal. Check the file newinit.pas
for an example.

- Imagesize does not work. (the kernel does not call the driver to do this)
Use the following formulas:
* imsize = ((xwid >> 1)+1)*ywid+4; (16-color)
* imsize = xwid*ywid+4; (256-color)
* imsize = 2*xwid*ywid+4; (32768-color)

WARNING: The drivers do not test to see if the card installed is
actually a VGA card (If the Svga drivers do not detect a SuperVGA card, they
treat the card as a standard VGA), so DO NOT use the drivers if you do not
have a VGA card installed.

I have decided to release these drivers free of charge,
although donations would be greatly appreciated and certainly
expedite the release of future versions. :->
The drivers have not been crippled in any way, though beta releases of new
drivers may have some functions yet unimplemented.

Registration fees:

SuperVGA 32768 $20
SuperVGA 256 $20
SuperVGA 16 $20
Tweak 16 $20
Tweak 256 $20

Any two: $30
Any three: $40
Any four: $50
All 5: $60

With donations of $20 and up, you will be considered a registered user.
Registered users get the full source code and upgrades on future releases.

From September 1-May 8, please send checks/money to:
Jordan Hargrave
1000 Morewood Ave, Box #3277
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 268-4493

From May 8-September 1, send to:
Jordan Hargrave
1615 Burnley Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
(704) 553-2332

I have started working on a new graphics library that will support resolutions
from 160x200 (Ick! ;->) all the way up to 1280x1024, and from 1-bit color
to 24-bit color. It will support a wide range of cards and I need testers
for XGA/8514/Hercules Graphics Station cards.
(Note: This library is NOT a BGI driver. It attempts to fix some of the
problems I've found with the BGI kernel, ie. the number of colors is
limited to 256 in the BGI kernel)

| Jordan Powell Hargrave | Internet: [email protected] |
| 1000 Morewood Ave, Box #3277 | Bitnet: |
| Pittsburgh, PA 15213 | UUCP: uunet!!jh5y |
| (412) 268-4493 | Compuserve: [72510,1143] |

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