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SuperVGA 32768 BGI driver
Version 1.0
December 6, 1991

This is the first version of my SuperVGA 32768 BGI driver. All functions
have been implemented, but there may still be bugs.

Note: Paging, palette functions, and the mouse cursor will not work with
this driver.

Using the HiColor driver:

Implementing the 32768 color driver involved several hacks, as
the BGI interface only supports 8-bit color values, but the driver
needed support for 15-bit color values. The procedures that needed
to be changed were those that accepted color values, (SetColor,
SetFillStyle, SetFillPattern, PutPixel and Floodfill) and those
that return color values (GetColor and GetPixel).
As the HiColor modes do not support palettes, I decided to use
the SetRgbPalette call to set colors, as it accepts values for the
R,G and B components of the color.

The format of a pixel in the HiColor modes is:
-Byte 1- -Byte 0-

Several new functions are defined to make the color selection easier.
In addition, the macro RGB(rv,gv,bv) has been defined. It packs
the R, G and B values into the format described above and returns the
combined color.

* RealDrawColor(); - Sets the current drawing color.
setcolor(RealDrawColor(RGB(rval,gval,bval)); - HiColor modes
setcolor(RealDrawColor(cval)); - (suggested for any other driver)

* RealFillColor(); - Sets the current fill color.

* RealColor(); - For putpixel, sets the color of the pixel
- For floodfill, sets the color of the boundary

* GetPixel normally only returns an 8-bit value. However, the
value returned from the BGI driver is a 16-bit value in DX (the
BGI kernel loads the value into AX and clears the upper 8 bits),
so to read the value of a pixel:

In Pascal:
Color := getpixel(x,y);
In C:
Color = getpixel(x,y);
Color = _DX;

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Archive   : SVGABG31.ZIP
Filename : NOTES32K.SVG

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