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Stop & Go - TSR Stopwatch
(C) 1990-91 by Microsystems Sofware, Inc.
Author: Ratko V. Tomic

Program SG.EXE simulates simple stopwatch. It remains resident, and its
functions are activated via hotkeys. Stop&Go uses CodeRunneR (TM) TSR
library for C and assembler. As result it occupies only 2032 bytes of
DOS memory when resident, even though it is written entirely in C.

NOTE: Symbol # (below) stands for Left Shift, and ^ for Left Control.

The following functions are available in TSR mode:

^#G or F12 Start/Stop the stopwatch counter. The ellapsed time is
displayed on Stop. Any key will clear the pop-up.

^#O or F11 Start/Stop, except that is sent to the foreground
application on Start. This allows timing of applications
which require some input before their processing starts.

^#E or #F12 Use DOS Exec/Exit calls to start/stop the stopwatch.
This allows measuring total execution time of a program.
Once the timed program exits, the time is displayed.
To disable this feature press #F12 again.


/U Uninstall Stop&Go. This has no effect if another TSR
was loaded after Stop&Go, and which trapped some of
its interrupt vectors (0x9, 0x28).

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Archive   : STOP_GO.ZIP
Filename : SG.DOC

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