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Structured Programming Language - Translates into BASIC code that can then be compiled. Simple, but may be useful to those who are familiar with Basic, but want more power. DOS version.
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Structured Programming Language – Translates into BASIC code that can then be compiled. Simple, but may be useful to those who are familiar with Basic, but want more power. DOS version.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

This program library contains a NEW programming language for
PC DOS and MS DOS called The Structured Programming Language.
The library has the following files:

1. SP.EXE and SPA.EXE the Structured Program Language Processor.

2. MANUAL the manual for the Structured Programming Language

3. IPLOT.SP a program that plots a 3d picture. Use scale factor 5.

4. BLACKJAC.SP a program that plays blackjack.

5. ERAT.SP a benchmark program that creates prime numbers.

6. IPICDUMP.SP a program that loads a digitized picture of me
on an IBM computer with an EGA card.

7. PREDITOR.SP a PRogram EDITOR written in SPL that is suited for writing
programs in the Structured Programming Language. After PREDITOR.BAS is
created, compile the program with the MS BASIC compiler for speed.
PREDITOR is a commercial program distributed as shareware and you can
try it for a month and purchase it for $25 if you are satisfied
with it.

The program IPICDUMP.SP when translated to BASIC,loaded and saved
in the Microsoft Basic interpreter as an ascii file and then compiled
with VERSION 2 QUICK BASIC compiler,will load the file PICTURE on an
IBM PC with an EGA card with HIGH RESOLUTION Color monitor 650x350
16 colors (Monitor set to monochrome mode giving 16 shades of grey).
This picture will be a digitized photo of me.

When IPICDUMP.EXE is run it will ask ROW LENGTH You input 320.
It will then ask for a scale factor,You input 2.
It will then ask for a picture file name,You input PICTURE.
Press the space bar to end the program and go back to DOS.

I have gotten this language to work on various computers ranging
from the IBM PCjr,IBM PC,Zenith Z-100 to various IBM Work alike
computers. It is meant to work with your BASIC compiler and/or
interpreter, since the language processor translates SPL to
Microsoft BASIC. It will even cooperate with the newest BASIC
compilers that allow for very large object module sizes. This
means you could have SPL code that can use an entire 640k IBM PC.

NOW the SPL processor creates BASIC code that does not have to be
loaded into the BASIC interpreter first, JUST sort the program
using your DOS SORT utility and then input the sorted BASIC program
into your favorite BASIC compiler.

SPL translated programs are portable to other computers depending
on the type of operations you do. Potential target machines are
CP/M, AMIGA , MACINTOSH , ATARI ST and others that support compiled
and interpreted BASIC. The SPL processor will work on IBM addons
for AMIGA, MACINTOSH , ATARI ST computers.

The manual for the Structured Programming Language is found in
file MANUAL. This file has been encrypted WITH A PASSWORD. You will need
to call me at 516 694 5872 to obtain the password to allow you to have a
manual you can read and print out. Thank you for your understanding. Please
call during normal New York business hours. I will help you succeed in
using the Structured Programming Language.

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