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This diskette contains version 6.02 of DVED, the three .COM files are identical
and are provided to minimize the chance of losing the copy due to a disk error.

DVED is a screen oriented editor for the IBM/PC. It requires 64K memory using
DOS 1.1 or 96K using DOS 2.0 and either the color or monochrome display card.
DVED is a product of Realia Inc., written by Robert B. K. Dewar, and is copy-
righted (c), 1983 by Realia Inc. It is distributed at no charge, and you are
encouraged to distribute copies of this program to other PC users. Copies of
this program may not be sold or included as part of the distribution of any
other product. However IBM PC clubs and similar organizations may distribute
copies at a nominal charge for media and copying costs.

The documentation for DVED is contained as part of the program, loading DVED
with no parameters will enter the help facility which interactively provides the
documentation of all DVED features. This help facility can also print a complete
formatted reference manual if a printer is attached. If you want to get started
trying out DVED right away, just try DVED filename to edit an existing file or
create a new file. During an edit, pressing Ctrl-F1 makes the help facility

One section of the documentation describes additional programs available from
Realia Inc., including the other components of the DEWAR utilities. For further
information, examine this part of the documentation, or write:

Robert B. K. Dewar Realia Inc.
73 5th Ave, or 10 S. Riverside Plaza
New York, NY 10003 Chicago, IL 60606


V6.02 (September 14th, 1983)

Errors corrected

DELETE TO BUFFER malfunctioned in some situations
N command did not work correctly if a select range was active

Changes and new features

COB files are now expected to contain and generated with standard DOS
tabs (instead of the special tab stops previously implemented).
The default tab settings for COB files have been modified.
Mixed case mode is now activated by ALT-M and is active only for ASM and
COB files (the C command has been removed). For COB files, mixed case
mode is the default.
Tabs are set with ALT-T and cleared with ALT-C (the T command is still
available for specifying a complete set of tabs, F1 is no longer used).
The left margin is now set with ALT-L, F2 is no longer used.
The Ctrl-PgDn function is now ERASE PAGE rather than DELETE PAGE. The
difference is that remaining data is saved in the hold file, rather
than being permanently lost.

V5.01 (August 8th, 1983)

Errors corrected

The hold file and buffer files were being allocated on the current drive,
instead of the output file drive.
Version 4.03 had become too large to run in a 64K machine, this is corrected
in version 5.01.

Changes and new features

Some changes have been made to improve performance on a COMPAQ. DVED worked
correctly on a COMPAQ, but caused unnecessary screen flickering (the COMPAQ
looks like a color controller to the software, but behaves like the IBM
monochrome display, so the flickering is not required). The new version
avoids the flickering.
The journal file is always on the current drive. This allows more control,
which is useful when using RAM disks (it may for example be desirable for
the journal file to be on a real disk all the time).
The insert function now avoids losing a non-blank character from the end of
the line. An insert attempt which would cause a character to be lost is
ignored and the alarm sounds. The same processing applies to the G and R
commands when the replacement string is longer than the search string. In
the case of the G command, if a replace fails, then the command is
The mouse setup file has been changed (to use ALT 1-6, instead of ALT A-Z).
F2 is now used to set the left margin (it used to clear tabs)
F1 flips (sets/resets) the tab in the current column.

V4.03 (August 1st, 1983)

Errors corrected

The normal DOS cursor was not always reset on a disk full condition.
The cursor was left in a strange position when a command was edited
following an error, it is now set to the first column of the command.
Disk space was not released when going backwards in a file, which
meant that an unnecessary out of space message could be obtained
when editing large files with large backwards movement.
A delete to buffer operation at the start of the file left unwanted
blank lines.

Changes and new features

The journal file is updated on a disk full condition, so that no keys
are lost in this case.
The journal file is now updated every 60 seconds by default. This update
period can be changed by patching a documented location.
G commands, and B,D and S coommands with a null key now terminate without
giving a key not found error message.
Indent new line is now Shift Enter, the PrtSc key generates ASCII asterisk
as in normal DOS mode.
The quit message stops blinking as soon as a yes response is given
Delete word is now allowed during command entry
The mixed case option (C command) now uses the left margin (auto-wrap)
column to test for the separator signalling an all lower case line.

V4.02 (July 16th, 1983)

Errors corrected

The I=xxxxx count was not always displayed.
The journal file was sometimes deleted on a disk full condition.
The halt (Esc) key was not active during a search to a line number.
The COPY LINE function caused the contents of the buffer to be lost.
Search did not find strings to the left of the autowrap column.

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