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QTAwk License

Version 4.20, 10/10/90

Pearl Boldt
Quik Trim
13012 Birdale Lane
Darnestown, MD 20878
CompuServe ID: 72040.434

Copyright 1988 - 1990, Pearl Boldt. All Rights Reserved.

This file, LICENCE.FRM, contains the QTAwk license agreement and
registration information.

Registration Information

QTAwk is a copyrighted program protected by both U.S. and international
copyright law. If you obtained QTAwk from a shareware disk vendor, an
on-line computer service or bulletin board, a friend or colleague, or
another similar source, you have an unregistered (trial) copy. You may
use this copy without charge for a limited period of time under the
terms of the QTAwk license agreement (below). After this time is up,
you must register and pay for QTAwk to continue using it.

This method of distribution is known as shareware. It allows you to
determine whether QTAwk meets your needs before you pay for it.

The registration fee for a single copy of QTAwk is $50. Payment of
this fee entitles you to:

* A disk with the latest version of QTAwk, registered to you.

* One copy of the printed QTAwk manual.

* An upgrade to the next release of QTAwk.

* Technical support via electronic mail or telephone.

If you prefer, you may register for $35 and receive only the disk and
notices of future upgrades. Network, site, and corporate licenses are
also available; contact the copyright holder for more information.

Upgrade Information

If you purchased QTAwk version 4.02 or later at the $50 rate, or a site
license for version 4.02 or later, you are entitled to a free upgrade
to version 4.20. If you are not entitled to a free upgrade, or you
wish to order a version 4.20 manual use the order form in the file

QTAwk License Agreement

(1) Copyright: The QTAwk program and all other programs and
documentation distributed or shipped with it are Copyright Pearl Boldt
1988 - 1990 and are protected by U.S. and International Copyright law.
In the rest of this document, this collection of programs is referred
to simply as "QTAwk". You are granted a license to use your copy of
QTAwk only under the terms and conditions specified in this license

(2) Definitions: QTAwk is distributed in two forms. A "registered"
copy of QTAwk is a copy distributed on diskette, purchased from the
copyright holder. A "shareware" copy of QTAwk is a copy distributed on
diskette or via an electronic bulletin board, on-line service, or other
electronic means, obtained from a shareware disk vendor, or obtained
from another individual.

(3) Shareware Copies: Shareware copies of QTAwk are distributed to
allow you to try the program before you pay for it. They are Copyright
1988 - 1990, Pearl Boldt and do not constitute "free" or "public
domain" software. You may use a shareware copy of QTAwk at no charge
for a trial period of up to 21 days. If you wish to continue using
QTAwk after that period, you must purchase a registered copy. If you
choose not to purchase a registered copy, you must stop using QTAwk,
though you may keep copies and pass them along to others. You may give
QTAwk to others for noncommercial use use IF:

=> All Files And Documentation Accompany The Programs.
=> The Files Are Not Modified In Any Way.

(4) Registered Copies: Registered copies of QTAwk are distributed to
those who have purchased them from the copyright holder.

(5) Use of One Copy on Two Computers: If you have a registered copy of
QTAwk which is licensed for use on a single computer, you may install
it on two computers used at two different locations (for example, at
work and at home), provided there is no possibility that the two
computers will be in use at the same time, and provided that you
yourself have purchased QTAwk, or if QTAwk was purchased by your
employer, that you have your employer's explicit permission to install
QTAwk on two systems as described in this paragraph. The right to
install one copy of QTAwk on two computers is limited to copies
originally licensed for use on a single computer, and may not be used
to expand the number of systems covered under a multi-system license.

(6) Use of QTAwk on Networks or Multiple Systems: You may install your
registered copy of QTAwk on a computer attached to a network, or remove
it from one computer and install it on a different one, provided there
is no possibility that your copy will be used by more users than it is
licensed for. A "user" is defined as one keyboard which is connected
to a computer on which QTAwk is installed or used, regardless of
whether or not the user of the keyboard is aware of the installation or
use of QTAwk in the system.

(7) Making Copies: You may copy any version of QTAwk for normal backup
purposes, and you may give copies of the shareware version to other
individuals subject to paragraph (4) above. You may not give copies of
the registered version to any other person for any purpose, without
explicit written permission from the copyright holder.

(8) Distribution Restrictions: You may NOT distribute QTAwk other than
through individual copies of the shareware version passed to friends
and associates for their individual, non-commercial use. Specifically,
you may not place QTAwk or any part of the QTAwk package in any user
group or commercial library, or distribute it with any other product or
as an incentive to purchase any other product, without express written
permission from the copyright holder and you may not distribute for a
fee, or in any way sell copies of QTAwk or any part of the QTAwk
package. If you are a shareware disk vendor approved by the
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP), you may place QTAwk in
your library without prior written permission, provided you notify the
copyright holder within 15 days of doing so and provided your
application has been fully approved in writing by the ASP, and is not
simply submitted or awaiting review.

(9) Use of QTAwk: QTAwk is a powerful program. While we have
attempted to build in reasonable safeguards, if you do not use QTAwk
properly you may destroy files or cause other damage to your computer
software and data. You assume full responsibility for the selection
and use of QTAwk to achieve your intended results. As stated below,
the warranty on QTAwk is limited to replacement of a defective program
diskette or manual.

(10) LIMITED WARRANTY: All warranties as to this software, whether
express or implied, are disclaimed, including without limitation any
implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular
purpose, functionality or data integrity or protection are disclaimed.

(11) Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with a registered
copy of QTAwk for any reason (whether or not you find a software error
or defect), you may return the entire package at any time up to 90 days
after purchase for a full refund of your original registration fee.

Questions may be sent to:

Pearl Boldt
Quik Trim
13012 Birdale Lane
Darnestown, MD 20878
CompuServe ID: 72040.434

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