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%TITLE "Zero available memory. TASM 2.0 Ideal mode."

;** File: zeromem.asm (WITH BUGS!)
;** Author: (c) 1990 by Tom Swan.

MODEL small

STKSIZE EQU 256 ; Stack size in bytes



lowAddr dd far ptr 0 ; First address filled
highAddr dd far ptr 0 ; Last address filled


msgHello db 'ZEROMEM: Filling memory...', '$'


; ---- From FILLMEM.OBJ:

EXTRN FillMemory:proc

mov ax, @data ; Initialize DS to
mov ds, ax ; address of data seg
mov dx, offset msgHello ; Display welcome message
mov ah, 9 ; DOS function: print
int 21h ; Call DOS
call GetAddresses ; Find fill begin, end
les di, [lowAddr] ; Initialize es:di
lds si, [highAddr] ; Initialize ds:si
xor dl, dl ; Assign fill byte (0) to dl
call FillMemory ; Fill memory with dl
mov ax, 04C00h ; DOS function: Exit
int 21h ; Call DOS

; GetAddresses Calculate high and low fill addresses
; Input:
; es = PSP segment address (offset assumed to be 0000)
; Output:
; lowAddr = address one byte beyond stack
; highAddr = highest address allocated to program
; Note: assumes that highest possible stack address
; is < 0fffeh.
; Registers:
; ax
PROC GetAddresses
mov [word lowAddr+2], ss ; Set lowAddr to byte
mov [word lowAddr], STKSIZE ; after end of stack
mov ax, [es:2] ; Get address from PSP
dec ax ; Correct value in ax
mov [word highAddr+2], ax ; Copy to variable
mov [word highAddr], 0fh ; Assign offset
ret ; Return to caller
ENDP GetAddresses

END Start ; End of program / entry point

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Archive   : MTD.ZIP
Filename : ZEROMEM.ASM

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