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;** Purpose: Sample TSR for Mastering Turbo Debugger
;** Author: (c) 1990 by Tom Swan.
;** To compile:
;** tasm /zi /m loadtsr
;** tlink /v loadtsr common

;----- Equates

TSRInt equ 64h ; TSR's interrupt number
STACK_SIZE equ 100h ; TSR's stack size
CR equ 13 ; ASCII carriage return
LF equ 10 ; ASCII line feed
STDOUT equ 1 ; Standard output handle

; ---- Resident Portion ----

TSR_group GROUP TSR_code, TSR_data, TSR_stack

;----- The TSR's code segment

TSR_code SEGMENT byte public 'TSRCODE'
ASSUME cs:TSR_group, ds:TSR_group

;----- The TSR's Interrupt Service Routine

TSR_isr PROC far

;----- Switch to the TSR's private stack

sti ; Allow interrupt servicing
push ds ; Save ds on current stack
push cs ; Address TSR group with
pop ds ; ds (same as cs)

mov Old_sp, sp ; Save sp and ss in the
mov Old_ss, ss ; TSR's data segment
mov ss, TSR_ss ; Load new stack segment and
mov sp, TSR_sp ; offset values into ss:sp

push ax ; Save other registers
push bx ; used by this TSR
push cx ; on the TSR's stack
push dx

;----- Display message (note the TSR_group override!)

mov bx, STDOUT ; Load DOS handle into bx
mov cx, MESSAGE_LEN ; Load string length into cx
mov dx, offset TSR_group:Message ; Address message
mov ah, 40h ; Call DOS function 40h
int 21h ; to display string

;----- Restore registers saved on TSR's private stack

pop dx
pop cx
pop bx
pop ax

;----- Reset to original stack and restore ds, dx

mov ss, TSR_group:Old_ss ; Restore saved stack
mov sp, TSR_group:Old_sp ; registers to ss:sp
pop ds ; Restore ds from old stack
iret ; Return from interrupt


;----- The TSR's data segment

TSR_data SEGMENT word public 'TSRDATA'

psp dw 0 ; TSR's psp segment address
DOSversion dw 0 ; Major and minor version number
Old_ss dw 0 ; Storage for old stack seg (ss)
Old_sp dw 0 ; Storage for old stack ofs (sp)
TSR_ss dw seg TSR_stack ; TSR's stack seg (ss)
TSR_sp dw STACK_SIZE ; Initial stack ofs (sp)
Message db CR, LF, 'TSR Activated: code-'
MsgCode db '0000:0000 data-'
MsgData db '0000:0000 stack-'
MsgStack db '0000:0000', CR, LF
MESSAGE_LEN = $ - Message


;----- The TSR's stack segment

TSR_stack SEGMENT word stack 'STACK'
private_stack db STACK_SIZE dup(?)
TSR_stack ENDS

; ---- Transient Portion ----

;----- The TSR loader's code segment

LOADER_code SEGMENT para public 'CODE'
ASSUME cs:LOADER_code, ds:TSR_data, ss:TSR_stack
EXTRN IntToHex:proc

;---- The TSR loader's main procedure

Load_TSR PROC far

mov ax, seg TSR_data ; Initialize ds to address
mov ds, ax ; the TSR's data segment
call CheckVersion ; Abort if DOS version = 1.x
jnc LTSR_10 ; Jump if cf = 0 (no error)
mov al, 1 ; Select error message #1
jmp ErrorExit ; End program if DOS 1.x
mov psp, es ; Save psp segment for TSR
push es ; Save PSP address on stack
push ds ; Save TSR data segment

;----- Install interrupt service routine

mov al, TSRInt ; Get current vector for
mov ah, 35h ; the TSR's interrupt number
int 21h ; using DOS function 35h.
mov bx, es ; Copy segment address to bx
or bx, bx ; and test if bx = 0.
jz LTSR_20 ; Jump if vector is not used
pop ds ; Restore TSR data seg to ds
pop es ; Restore PSP address to es
mov al, 2 ; Set error code number
jmp ErrorExit ; And exit with error message
mov ax, seg TSR_code ; Set ds to TSR's code
mov ds, ax ; segment.

ASSUME ds:TSR_code

mov dx, offset TSR_isr ; Set dx to TSR's int service
mov al, TSRInt ; routine, and set the
mov ah, 25h ; interrupt vector for TSRint
int 21h ; with DOS function 25h.
pop ds ; Restore TSR data segment

ASSUME ds:TSR_data

;----- Insert TSR addresses into the message string

push ds ; Set es = ds for addressing
pop es ; strings with es:di
mov ax, seg TSR_group ; ax <- TSR group segment
push ax ; Save ax for later
mov bx, offset TSR_isr ; bx <- TSR code offset
mov di, offset MsgCode ; Address code addr in string
call InsertAddress ; Insert ax:bx into string

pop ax ; Restore ax from stack
push ax ; and save ax again
mov bx, size TSR_code ; bx <- TSR data offset
mov di, offset MsgData ; Address data addr in string
call InsertAddress ; Insert ax:bx into string

pop ax ; Restore ax from stack
mov bx, size TSR_code + size TSR_data ; bx=stack ofs
mov di, offset MsgStack ; Address stack addr in str
call InsertAddress ; Insert ax:bx into string

;----- Terminate and stay resident

mov ax, seg LOADER_data ; Initialize ds to loader's
mov ds, ax ; data segment


mov dx, offset doneMsg ; Display "TSR Loaded" message
mov ah, 09h ; by calling DOS print-
int 21h ; string function.
pop ax ; Restore PSP seg addr to ax
mov dx, cs ; dx <- Transient start addr
sub dx, ax ; dx <- Resident size
mov ax, 3100h ; DOS terminate function
int 21h ; Terminate, stay resident
; al = 0 (return code)

; ErrorExit Exit with error message and code in al
; Input:
; al = error code 1..n
; ds = address of TSR's data segment
; es = psp segment address (DOS 1.x only)
; Output:
; none. program halted.
; Registers:
; none preserved
ErrorExit PROC near

ASSUME ds:TSR_data

push DOSversion ; Save DOS version on stack
push ax ; Save error code on stack
mov ax, seg LOADER_data ; Initialize ds to loader's
mov ds, ax ; data segment


mov dx, offset errorMsg ; Address "ERROR: " string
mov ah, 09h ; DOS print-string function
int 21h ; Display error lead-in
pop ax ; Restore error code to al
push ax ; Save code again
cmp al, 1 ; Does error code = 1?
jne test2 ; If not, check next code
mov dx, offset errmsg1 ; Address error message 1
jmp Exit ; Display message and exit
cmp al, 2 ; Error code 2
jne default
mov dx, offset errmsg2
jmp Exit
mov dx, offset defaultmsg ; Default error code

;----- Display message and exit. Error code still in al.

mov ah, 09h ; DOS print-string function
int 21h ; Display error message
pop ax ; Restore error code to al
pop bx ; Restore DOS version to bx
cmp bl, 2 ; Is it ver. 2.x or higher?
jb ExitDOS1x ; Jump for versions 1.x

;----- End program for DOS 2.x and higher

mov ah, 4ch ; DOS terminate with code
int 21h ; End with error code in al

;----- End program for DOS 1.x

push es ; Push es onto stack
xor ax,ax ; Set ax to 0000
push ax ; Push 0000 (stack=es:0000)
retf ; Far return exits program

ErrorExit ENDP

; CheckVersion Test DOS version
; Input:
; ds = address of TSR's data segment
; Output:
; TSR_data:DOSversion = version number
; ax = version number
; cf = 0 = DOS version 2.x or higher
; cf = 1 = DOS version 1.x
; Registers:
; ax
CheckVersion PROC near

ASSUME ds:TSR_data

mov ah, 30h ; DOS get-version function
int 21h ; Get DOS version
mov word ptr DOSversion, ax ; Save in TSR data seg
cmp al, 02h ; Test major revision number
ret ; cf = 0 if al >= 2
; cf = 1 if al < 2
CheckVersion ENDP

; InsertAddress Insert seg:offset address into a string
; Input:
; ax = segment address
; bx = offset address
; es:di = address of 9-character string (minimum size)
; Output:
; ax:bx inserted in hex into string at di
; es:di = address of byte after last inserted character
; Registers:
; ax, bx, cx, dx, si, di
InsertAddress PROC near

push bx ; Save offset value on stack
call IA_10 ; Insert segment into string
inc di ; Skip colon (:)
pop ax ; Restore offset to ax
mov cx, 4 ; Specify minimum of 4 digits
call IntToHex ; Convert ax to hex at es:di
ret ; Return to caller

InsertAddress ENDP

;----- TSR loader's data segment

LOADER_data SEGMENT word public 'DATA'

doneMsg db CR,LF,'TSR Loaded',CR,LF,'$'
errorMsg db CR,LF,'ERROR: ', '$'
errmsg1 db 'Requires DOS 2.0 or later',CR,LF,'$'
errmsg2 db 'Interrupt vector in use',CR,LF,'$'
defaultmsg db 'Unknown cause',CR,LF,'$'


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