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Complete source code from Tom Swan's "Mastering Turbo Debugger".
File MTD.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Complete source code from Tom Swan’s “Mastering Turbo Debugger”.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BADBRACE.PAS 350 187 deflated
BADCLOSE.PAS 553 280 deflated
BADELSE.PAS 453 229 deflated
CAL.PAS 7747 2489 deflated
CALL64.ASM 720 368 deflated
CHILD.PAS 182 137 deflated
COMMON.ASM 3013 992 deflated
COMPROG.ASM 429 220 deflated
FILLMEM.ASM 6333 1697 deflated
FILLTEST.ASM 3734 1179 deflated
HARDDEMO.C 317 182 deflated
HARDDEMO.PAS 345 187 deflated
LOADTSR.ASM 12215 2933 deflated
LS.C 9393 2884 deflated
MAKETEMP.C 819 358 deflated
MSPSAMP.PAS 629 311 deflated
PARENT.PAS 234 163 deflated
RANDOM.PAS 442 263 deflated
README.TXT 2852 1262 deflated
RESET64.ASM 1494 619 deflated
SAMPLE.ASM 851 352 deflated
SAMPLE.C 183 151 deflated
SAMPLE.PAS 210 149 deflated
SAMPLE2.C 229 170 deflated
SPLICE1.C 182 140 deflated
SPLICE1.PAS 197 140 deflated
STANDARD.PAS 708 294 deflated
STRFUNC.PAS 548 261 deflated
TDH.BAT 66 63 deflated
TDM.BAT 49 48 deflated
VEHICLE.CPP 2580 835 deflated
ZEROMEM.ASM 2432 890 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Mastering Turbo Debugger Disk version

(C) 1990 by Tom Swan. All rights Reserved

Swan Software P.O. Box 206 Lititz PA 17543 (717) 627-1911

The files in MTD.ZIP contain most of the listings from my book,
Mastering Turbo Debugger, published by Howard W. Sams, Carmel,
Indiana. Many of the programs have intentional bugs and do NOT work
correctly. (See the Warning message below.) Instructions in the book
explain how to use Turbo Debugger to find and fix the errors in the
listings. You should read and follow these instructions before
attempting to compile and run the programs.


To decompress the files in MTD.ZIP, you need to use the PKUNZIP.EXE
utility, which is available on most bulletin boards. Or, you can use
the UNZIP program supplied with Turbo Debugger and other Borland
language products. These programs are not stored in MTD.ZIP.

Copy MTD.ZIP to any directory, then enter UNZIP MTD or PKUNZIP MTD to
decompress the files. After doing this, you can delete the MTD.ZIP
file, which is no longer needed. (Please keep this file, however, if
you want to give the programs to somebody else.)

Some of the files in MTD.ZIP require Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, or Turbo
Assembler, manufactured by Borland International. Some may require
other language products or specific versions. Swan Software does not
sell these programs, and they are not included with MTD.ZIP.


Please give MTD.ZIP away! The files in MTD.ZIP are free of charge.
Provided that you distribute MTD.ZIP in its original form, you may
make and distribute as many copies of the file as you wish without
owing the author or publisher a royalty. Other than the contents of
MTD.ZIP, you may NOT republish or copy any of the text in Mastering
Turbo Debugger except for your own personal use. This notice must
accompany all distributed copies of MTD.ZIP.

!!!!! WARNING !!!!!

The files in MTD.ZIP go along with the information in Mastering Turbo
Debugger. Many of the programs do NOT work correctly--they have bugs
that the book explains how to find using Borland International's
Turbo Debugger. Use the programs in MTD.ZIP at your own risk! If you
are not willing to accept this risk, don't use the programs.


The best way to get in touch is to send an electronic letter. For
Easyplex letters, my Compuserve ID number is 73627,3241. For MCI
Mail, my handle is TSWAN. Or, feel free to send your comments and
suggestions to Swan Software; P.O. Box 206; Lititz PA 17543.

Tom Swan

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