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13.0 Builtin Function Summary

The following list summarizes the built in functions that are
available. It is organized alphabetically by category.

/* Allocation */

auto allocate automatic storage
static allocate static storage
tclear clear transient area (use with tset)
tlevel return current transient level
tpop restore previous transient area
tpush allocate new transient area
tset save transient area (use with tclear)

/* Arithmetic */

add add or increment
div divide
mod modulo
mul multiply
sub subtract or decrement

/* Array Handling */

arycre create and initialize array
aryfre free array
aryget get element from array by index
arykget get element from array by key
arykput put element into array by key
arylcur set current location in mapped list to index
arylmap map array to list
aryput put element into array by index
arysize return size of array

/* Bitwise Operators */

bitand bitwise AND

bitnot bitwise NOT
bitor bitwise OR
bitls left shift
bitrs right shift
bitxor bitwise exclusive OR

/* Debug */

dbgbs set breakpoint(s)
dbgbl list breakpoint(s)
dbgbc clear breakpoint(s)
dbgcont continue, disable single step
dbgoff disable debugger
dbgon enable debugger
dbgsd display stack
dbgstep enter single step mode
dbgtroff disable tracing
dbgtron enable tracing
dbgvd display variable

/* Definition */

define create user defined function
defint create internal user defined function

/* Directory */

chdir change directory
copy copy file
dirlst copy directory to list
delete delete file
getcwd get current working directory
mkdir make directory
rmdir remove directory
rename rename file

/* Error Handling */

errcode get/set error code
errfn specify error handler
errinfo get error information
errlevel get/set error message level
errmsg get error message
errsig signal error

/* File Access */

close close file
eof check for end of file
open open file
read read record or block from file
seek set read/write position in file
tell get read/write position
write write record or block to file

/* Flow of Control */

case if...then...else with comparand
do execute block of functions
exit return to command level
for iterative loop with initialization, iteration and check
goto transfer control to label
if conditional execution
label provide target for goto
leave leave containing case/do/for/if/select/until/while
loop infinite loop
quit terminate interpreter
return return to calling function
select if...then...else with no comparand
until execute loop until condition is true
while execute loop while condition is true

/* Functions */

bifdir display builtin function names and information
udfdir display user defined function names and information
udfid identify user defined function given step number
udflist list user defined function

/* Input/Output */

get get record from keyboard
inkey get character from keyboard
inp receive data from port
outp send data to port
put send record to console
putf put without carriage return/line feed
window access window

/* Linkage */

bind bind function to internal address (bif or udf)
bifbind bind to builtin function address
export export variable to other functions
import import variable from other functions
udfbind bind to user defined function address
unbind unbind function from internal address

/* List Handling */

lstacur return current location as mapped array index
lstamap map list to array
lstcget retrieve value from current node
lstcpop remove node at current node and return value
lstcpsh allocate node at current node
lstcput store value at current node
lstcre create and initialize list
lstcset return true if current node set
lstfre free list
lsthead set current node to head of list
lstnext set current node to next node
lstnset return true if next node exists
lstpop remove node from tail of list and return value
lstprev set current node to previous node
lstpset return true if previous node exists
lstpsh create and initialize node at head of list
lstsize get size of list
lstsort sort list, optionally by user compare function
lstspsh create and initialize sub node
lstsset return true if sub node exists
lstsub set current node to sub node
lsttail set current node to tail of list

/* Logical and Relational */

and logical AND
any return true if leftmost argument matches any other
eq equal
ge greater than or equal to
gt greater than
le less than or equal to
lt less than
ne not equal
not logical negate
or logical OR

/* Math */

acos arc cosine
asin arc sine
atan arc tangent
cos cosine
exp exponential
ln logarithm natural
log logarithm base 10
pow power
sin sine
sqrt square root
tan tangent

/* Memory */

memcre allocate memory
memfre free memory
memget get memory
memput set memory

/* Miscellaneous */

eval translate and interpret character string
feval translate and interpret file
fmhex convert from hexadecimal to decimal
format format string with substitutions
genfre free any structure descriptor
rand generate pseudo-random number

/* Patterns */

patalt check alternates
patarb match arbitrary characters
patcre create pattern
pateol match end of line
patfre free pattern
patgrp match character from group
patlit match literal
patmatch execute match
patneg negate match
patpat group primitives
patrem match remainder of string
patrng match character from range
patset assign match to variable
patuse use pattern descriptor

/* Reference */

argc get number of arguments
argn get argument name
argt get argument type
argv evaluate argument
get_arg get argument step given program step
get_nxt get next program step given program step
get_sym get user defined function name given program step
get_node get first program step given user defined function name
set assign value to variable(s)
sys get/set internal values

/* Strings */

strasc convert decimal ascii code to character
strcat concatenate strings
strchr convert character to decimal ascii code
strcpy copy string n times
strfnd find character from set in string
strind find sub string in string
strlc convert to lowercase
strlen return string length
strsub get substring
strtrn translate string
struc convert to uppercase
strver find character from string not in set

/* System Functions */

break specify control-c handler
getenv get field value from environment
system pass command to operating system shell

/* Time and Date Functions */

day return formatted date and time
date return date string
seconds return seconds since some point in past
time return time string

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